New Oculus Rift VR Games – Sep 21, 2018 Weekend Edition

New Oculus Rift VR Games – Sep 21, 2018 Weekend Edition

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September is coming to an end but there are a lot of great new VR games to check out before the end of the month. Let’s take a quick look.
New Oculus Rift game releases last week
Below is the full list of recommended new games to play on Oculus Rift this week:

Apex Legends Season 1 Begins: Battle pass Info New Legend (UPDATED)
Tuesday March 19, 2019

The pass can be purchased at any time during the first season, and rewards will automatically unlock up to your current seasonal level, so you won’t miss out on anything if you’re late to the party. The Battle Pass Bundle will unlock the rewards for 25 levels beyond your current level, so if you’re on […]

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Chrysalis – FREE

OnePlus 6T: la versione Thunder Purple si mostra nei primi render ufficiali
Saturday November 03, 2018

Dopo i rumors dei giorni scorsi, emergono online i primi render ufficiali del nuovo OnePlus 6T in versione Thunder Purple, la terza colorazione del nuovo smartphone di casa OnePlus che andrà ad affiancarsi ai modelli Mirror e Midnight Black già disponibili in preorder anche in Italia da qualche giorno. La nuova versione Thunder Purple dell’OnePlus 6T […]

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Chrysalis is a whimsical undersea adventure game in which players assume the role of an explorer who gets trapped within the innards of a cocoon-like monster while traveling at sea. In the belly of the beast lies a surreal ecosystem filled with mysteries to be discovered and countless wonders and creatures to interact with to uncover clues for escape.

Who are You?
Friday October 19, 2018

Who are you? Who am I? We all play our own role within Game of War. One of the first questions we ask when we start playing is, What do you want to be? It reminds me of when we were children and we were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. […]

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Mad Factory – $3.99

Mad Factory is now open for business! A fast-paced, and highly replayable VR experience, Mad Factory is five minutes of frantic fun for everyone. Its visually rich world, intuitive interactions and innovative gameplay will delight a wide range of VR players, from 8 on up. It’s perfect for birthday parties, date nights, and playing with friends and family. Even people who think they don’t like VR, ask to play Mad Factory again!
So, immerse yourself in a retro-future world, where you’re the new hire on the floor of the universe’s finest cookie factory. There you can discover flying robots, mechanical chickens, and waterfalls of cascading milk. And in a race against time, you can bake, frost and deliver delicious cookies to earn top scores.

Meet the Miner – FREE

Users can experience how dangerous and grueling life of a miner was 100 years ago – feeling what it was like racing down hundreds of meters into the earth in a shaky elevator and mining coal with a virtual pickaxe. Something you will never be able to do in real life again.

Paperville Panic! – $17.99

A completely unprepared town made entirely of paper is hit by its first ever fire, and it’s up to you to save it Rookie. A comedic, tongue in cheek action-adventure VR exploration game.

Survival Simulator – $11.99

A virtual reality survival game. See if you could survive stranded on an island with only objects you can scavenge from your crashed plane or craft from resources available in the nature.

Shopkeeper Simulator VR – $8.99

Be your own boss! Maximize your profit to pay the rent for the next day! Buy unlockable equipment that help with building your shop.

Transference – $24.99

Imagine an escape room set in a deranged mind. Experience a first-person exploration game in a chilling new dimension. Shift between three perspectives of a family and unravel the mystery hiding in this mind-bending psychological thriller.

Blind – $19.99

Navigate an unfamiliar world in virtual reality using echolocation, where sounds become images. Trapped in a mansion by the devious Warden, make your way through its many rooms, riddled with puzzles and dangers, moving ever closer to the truth—and your only chance to escape.

Distance – $19.99

Distance is an atmospheric racing platformer. Fusing futuristic arcade racing with parkour, survive a deadly, mysterious, neon-drenched city by jumping, rotating, and flying.

Salary Man Escape – $9.34

Tired of work? Feeling trapped at your position with no hope of promotion? Vent out your frustrations with Salary Man Escape, a satirical and edgy physics puzzle game about helping a disgruntled Salaryman escape his miserable life.

Axe Throw – $5.24

You’ve got a VR headset and some cool motion controllers, but what can you really do with them? Throw some virtual axes! In Axe Throw VR, a virtual axe throwing range becomes your playground!

Lotus – Simulator – $49.99

For the first time, bus, tram and train are simulated extremely realistic in a single game – and you can drive them, build them or create the world around. LOTUS – simulation will never be the same!
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