Cypher Chronicles, vol. 39-2018

Cypher Chronicles, vol. 39-2018

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The Dragonville Grind
Wednesday October 31, 2018

When we build our accounts, we put time and money into them. Most of us want to see our investment go a long way, and to be able to successfully play without emptying our pockets. Recently with the release of Dragon War Dimension, players have found a new old love. To many, the Dragon War […]

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Lenovo Has Licensed The Rights To Sony’s PlayStation VR Headset Designs
Wednesday October 31, 2018

There was an inkling feeling in the community that the Lenovo Mirage headset had a striking resemblance with the PlayStation VR headset. Starting with the headrest to the adjustment designs, there was many similar features. But now, Lenovo has announced that it has licensed the rights to Sony’s patented designs to the PlayStation VR headset. […]

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