Demigod Gems

Demigod Gems

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Gems enhance your gear, and can sometimes be the tipping point between victory and defeat. The downside is sorting through all those gems in the preset list. It can be quite confusing! Now that the Demigod Realm has a variety to choose from, we can go through and figure out which Demigod Gems are best for which set up.
Attack Gems Sets

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Rally Attack Gem Sets

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Defense Gems Sets

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Trap Defense Stats

Wall Trap Stats

Debuff Gem Sets

Wonder Gem Sets

March Speed Gem Sets

Economy Gem Sets

Other Gems
Other gems have also been released that are not part of a specific set. These gems can be used to enhance any current Gem Set that you have embedded in your gear piece. You can obtain these gems by Dungeons, Gold Store Streak Bar, and Special Events.

The One’s Demigod Valor Gem – 80% Attack, 40% Defense, 40% Health, and 30%  attacking march speed for all tiers of troops
Game of War Anniversary Attack Gem –  60% Attack, 40 % Health, and this gem also has Rally Attack, Wonder Holding Attack, Health Debuff, and Defense Debuff
Demigod Bonesnapper Gem –  The first gem released without a set, this gem has Empire Defending attack, Rally Attack, Defense, Health, and Rally Health
Limited Time – Demigod Victory Gem – This was the gem we all worked hard clicking in the dungeon to get!!! 60% Attack, and also has Defense, Health, and Attack Debuff
St Patrick’s Day Golden General Gem – 18% Attack and 3.6% Health, this was the first special gem to not be included in a set.

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Do you have a go-to Gem Set? Let us know in the comments below which Gems are your favorites!
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