Dragon War Dimension Purchasing

Dragon War Dimension Purchasing

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Budget Dragon Dragon War Dimension Gold Store packs Purchasing Strategy

The Dragon War Dimension, much like the Demigod Dimension, comes with its own features and costs. There is no doubt that when playing Game of War, the cost and the packs can at times be overwhelming. Knowing where to spend money and what to buy is important, as it influences the type of player you are and your play style.
It can be difficult to know what to buy, as packs change frequently and always have a different number of items in them. In addition, in the Dragon War Dimension, packs often come with items for one feature of the game and then Resources and Gold, so you essentially have to buy separate packs for each feature.
This guide is intended to give you some tips and tricks about choosing the packs you purchase and making sure you get the most bang for your buck.
Pack Purchasing in the Dragon War Dimension
There are so many tips we can give to help you optimize your purchases in the Dragon War Dimension. Probably one of the biggest we can give is to never pay full price for a pack! By utilizing Amazon Coins, you can purchase packs at a discount and save yourself some money (which for many will honestly go towards the next pack).
The next top tip we have for you before we go into detail is one that feels obvious, but is not. Never spend beyond your means. Many of us have seen in the news stories on individuals who have embezzled money or gotten money through illegal means to purchase their Game of War Packs. Based off the fact that this was in the news, it obviously did not end well!
Picking your Purchases
As mentioned above at times the number of packs can be overwhelming. Picking what to buy can feel like a chore in and of itself so we have some tips for you when contemplating what to purchase.
Tip 1: Never ever (even if you say “never say never”) buy the first pack you see. 
Often when you see the pack with the item you are looking for, it is tempting to grab it right then. However, this is not the best way to go about purchasing your pack. At times, the wait is worth it. Watch the packs and see what they do. Sometimes one pack will offer 20 items and 15 minutes later it will offer 50 items. So make sure that you are getting the most out of your money by buying the best packs available.
Tip 2: Be intentional about what you are buying.
Before you pick your purchase, know what you are buying and what it will do for you. For example, Athena’s Armory Unlock will open up set bonuses. However, unlocking it will only open Legendary Set Bonuses. In order to get set bonuses at every other level, you have to level it up to level 6. Doing this takes a total of 500 scrolls. So knowing whether or not you will be able to level it up fully or craft legendary gear is essential in knowing whether this is a good purchase for you. If you cannot afford to open the other set bonuses and know it will be a while before you can get legendary gear, it may be more beneficial for you to choose another pack.
Tip 3: Know the cost
As referenced above, everything has a cost. If you are working on a limited pack budget, do your best to talk to people who already have that feature or have completed that research. The reason for this is that they can tell you what kind of cost to expect. This ties in with Tip 2 of be intentional about what you are buying.
Tip 4: Know the benefits and whether or not it is worth it.
What exactly does this feature do? Do you really need it? If you are already capping or burning people, is this something that is a priority? Many times when excited about new features, players will go buy them and quickly discover they did not actually need it.
This is another situation where “wait and see” is very beneficial. When the Mercenaries were released, many players went and bought them and tested them, to find that these troops are essentially what many have referred to as “Super Farmers.” While this is great for players who spend a lot of time farming, many players soon forgot about these and dismissed them as not worth it.
Once again, going back to Tip 2 of being intentional. Part of being intentional is knowing how the feature works, and sometimes this means that you have to wait until other players have had time to test it out and play with it.
Tip 5: Is it a need or a want?
Combine All. It is a lovely feature and saves fingers and tons of clicking. However, when on a limited budget, it is necessary to assess whether something is a need or a want. When you look at the pack with the Combine All Unlock, if the Combine All is all you are getting, it may not be the best purchase to choose.
However, if you are seriously lacking in gear (which gives a ton of stats in the Dragon War Dimension) then it actually is a good purchase. Here’s why: Combine All is not necessary, so if that was all you were getting, it would be better to choose a different pack. However, if you really looked at that pack when it is up, you will also note that it has 5k Sentinel, Arbiters, and Hunter’s Gear Chests, making this purchase very worth it for players who need gear.
Tip 6: Check the RealTips Website or Line and Discord Rooms
When new features are released, we do our best to be able to update you as quickly as possible. However, also be aware that sometimes it may take a little time. Always check our articles here or hop over to our community rooms and give us a shout-out. I can tell you that even if we do not have the answer right away, someone in the rooms will, and typically we can direct you to who that is (and learn something new ourselves!)
Tip 7: Participate in our Monthly Events
Every month, we have an event where the winner receives a gift card. These events vary from month to month and are hopefully always fun! The winner receives a 25-dollar gift card. While this may not seem like a lot, it is 25 dollars that you can put towards your next purchase.
Tip 8: Watch for events and holidays
Many times when there is an event or holiday coming up, the packs get slightly better. Special packs for the event or holiday will be released. These are definitely packs you will want to look into. In addition, if you know KvK is coming, keep an eye out for recovery packs, as these are very helpful at times as well.
Tip 9: Use Loyalty and Black Market Currency Wisely
Watch the Black Market. Sometimes it has some useful items in it. Also, make sure you are spending your Black Market Currency wisely. One of the things I have found myself spending Black Market Currency on is Advanced Teleports. Since these ports can be difficult and costly to obtain, I believe that to be a good use of my Black Market Coins.
Loyalty takes a while to rack up. Make sure you are completing events and doing whatever you can in order to increase the amount of Loyalty you have. In addition, make sure that you spend your loyalty wisely. Whether you use them for ports or shields, be intentional about it.
Tip 10: Try to talk yourself out of it!
This is probably one of the best tips we can give. This tip combines every other tip above. If you are looking at a pack, consider all of the tips we have already given, and make yourself a checklist.

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Do I need this or want it?
How will it boost my account?
Is it worth it?
Am I able to purchase enough packs to get it to the level I need?
Have I educated myself on this?
Is this something that I can maybe get in the Black Market or with Loyalty?
Is there a Holiday or event coming up so I can watch for better packs?

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After you have read all of the tips and considered everything possible, try to talk yourself out of buying the pack using the answers to these questions. If you can justify why your account can wait on that purchase or does not need it, then consider not buying yet or picking another feature that will do more for you!
Sometimes deciding what to buy can be as difficult as figuring out how to build. We at Teamrealtips want to be sure that you are buying effectively and building effectively so that you can get the most out of the game! If you have questions, please ask, and know that we are here for you, our Community.
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