How to Catch Up in the the Demigod Dimension

How to Catch Up in the the Demigod Dimension

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Everyone needs a little time away. It happens. Sometimes things happen where you just need to put down the game and take some time for yourself. Nevertheless, we all have returned.  The game pulls you back in, but mostly, it’s the people we meet and form relationships with that brings us back. So we redownload the game, reset passwords we forgot, and watch the game come back to life, and prepare to learn how to catch up in the Demigod Dimension.
Then it hits you, you are faced with the realization that you have no idea what is going on. With the release rate in the Demigod Dimension, it’s easy to fall behind, feel overwhelmed, and not know where to begin to put your account back together.  So let’s take some time to figure out how to catch up in Demigod Dimension.
Get Back in the Community
Game of War has an extensive community of players. The players have found many ways to communicate and share information regarding the game using different apps. Line and Discord are the two most common apps used by Game of War players for this purpose. Real Tips has both a Line room and a Discord Room for the Game of War community. These rooms have a vast amount of knowledge from the many different players, and we all share and help each other as much as possible.
Find a Friend
Everyone needs to have one person to act as a mentor to help guide you back into the game. Find someone that is willing to be there to answer all of your questions about how to catch up in the demigod dimension. Add them to your Contact List in-game so you can easily reach out when you are buried deep in building and need a fast answer. This person will also be a good resource to help you pick your packs wisely! The great part is that most players are very helpful, and this should be an easy step.
Join an Active Alliance
This is a very important step in making your comeback! The obvious reason is that you have a group of people to help you guide you in the right direction. However, there are a few less than obvious reasons. The first being the Alliance Helps. This will save you speeds when you are researching, building, and training. Also, many people learn by watching. Being in an active alliance you can watch conversations in alliance chat. You can observe rallies. This will help you learn how to use any new features. Not to mention, it is so much easier to get an Econ Blessing when you are with a group that is logging in the game consistently.
Make a Plan for Your City
Now that you are in the Real Tips rooms, you found a mentor, and you found an alliance, its time to focus on the actual work. This is where most people get overwhelmed. However, breaking it down into sections makes it easier.

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Hero and Gear– Get your hero leveled up and make sure you have presets ready with training, construction, and research gear ready.
Building Levels– A lot of the research requires your academy to be at a certain level. Therefore, it is best to try and build as high as you can go before you start researching.
Research– This is the foundation of every great account, so make sure you complete as much of your missing research as possible
Training Troops– There is no reason to have to train troops until right before you are ready to drop your shield. The only exception to this is if you need to gather resources. If that is the case, train just enough to fill a march.

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Don’t forget to use the Real Tips guides to help you along the way. We have a Hero Guide, a City Guide, and a Guide for Gear.
Drop Your Shield and Have Fun!
Now its time to finally join the fun! Drop your shield and get in some rallies. Don’t forget that continually taking hits is the best way to test your account. Maintaining account is an ongoing process, but it is certainly part of the fun.
Have a tip for players returning to the game? Comment below and tell us what was the best advice you received when you returned to playing Game of War.
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