Rallying in Dragon Realm

Rallying in Dragon Realm

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While attacking other cities with a solo is tons of fun, rallying gets the whole team involved. You can hit bigger targets, get more kills, and learn more about the game if you are filling for a more experienced Rally Lead. With this article we, will take a quick look on how to fill rallies and other basic information for players of all experience levels in the Dragon Realm. With that, let’s get started!
Filling Rallies
Most people will be filling rallies before you will be setting rallies. So let’s go over some basic information about filling rallies.
Check for Teleports and March Speeds
First, you will want to pay attention to the alliance chat. The rally lead will more than likely post coordinates for the target, and you want to port as close to the target as possible. This will reduce the March time. Rally leads do not like to have their rallies held back because a march is taking over an hour to get to the rally! If you are not able to port close to the target, you should always ask if the rally lead still wants you to fill. This is common rally-filling etiquette. If you do not have March Speeds to speed your own march, then you should always ask if fellow alliance members are able and willing to help speed your march into the rally. You may need to wait until a closer target is found.
Make sure you fill with the same Troops!
So you see a notification pop up about a rally that has started, and you confirm you can port close. Click on the Hall of War. There, you will see the Rally Owner and the Rally Target. Multiple rallies may be going on, so make sure you click the correct rally! Now once you open, you’ll be able to see what you should fill with. Always make sure the troops you send match the troops the rally lead has sent! You can ask in chat, or you can click on the very first filler, and the troops already sent can be seen.
Unlock and Claim Slots
The first three slots of the rally are always open. If you are not one of the first three fillers, you will have to unlock a slot and claim it for yourself. This will require you to have War Commissions. Once you claim your own slot and fill, you can go back in and unlock additional slots for other alliance members if anyone needs the help.
Send your troops and speed others if you can!
Once you have selected your troops and send the march, see if anyone else may need some help speeding in their marches. If you are able to port close to the target, then you more than likely do not need to use any additional march speeds. However, if other alliance members asked for help previously, then check and see if you have march speeds that you can help get them in faster. Remember to pay it forward!
After the Rally Hits
Once the rally hits, you will instantly get a report. If the rally lead was capped, there will be no returning troops. If the entire march was not killed by the target, then you may need to wait for troops to return back to your stronghold.
A Few Things to Remember When Filling Rallies

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You can fill multiple rallies at a time, but you can only send out as many marches as your city allows. So if you only have four marches, you can only fill four rallies.
You can not shield your city while you have marches out in rallies. If you feel that you are in danger of burning, fill the rally then port away from the action.
If you are filling multiple rallies, make sure you are paying attention to all the troops needed to fill and all the march times!
Although the rallies are shown in the alliance tag at the bottom of the screen, it is much faster to fill and speed using the Hall of War.
If you have questions, always ask your rally lead. Trust me when I say that Leads would rather answer questions than have to continuously reset rallies because someone was too scared to ask what to do.

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The most important thing to remember is to have fun! Filling rallies together with your alliance makes your team stronger, and it is an opportunity to learn more about the game. If you have any tips to share, please add them in the comment section below to help out other players!
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