Samsung Odyssey VR Headset On Super Sale For $349

Samsung Odyssey VR Headset On Super Sale For $349

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The Samsung Odyssey has always been reveled as one of the best VR HMDs in the current marketplace. With its AMOLED display and a resolution of 2880 X 1600, it was able to provide great quality in the VR space. But with the launch of the new Odyssey+ headset, the company has decided to mark down the previous version to just $349.
Originally retailing for $500, you are able to get a big discount on the Samsung Odyssey headset. Below are some specs:
Device Specifications

Resolution: 2880 x 1600
Display: AMOLED
Refresh rate: Up to 90Hz
Field of view: Up to 110˚
Integrated AKG headphones and dual array mics

Currently, you can purchase the Samsung Odyssey through the Microsoft store for $349. There is no indication on how long this sale will last or how much inventory they currently possess for the headset.

The new Samsung Odyssey + headset comes with a lot of enhanced features.  This includes dual 3.5″ AMOLED displays with 1440 X 1600 resolution each. The headset also provides 110 FOV which is great for today’s standards. In addition the new + model will provide 1,233 PPI level which is an enhancedment from conventional AMOLED.
You can purchase the new Samsung Odyssey + headset for $499. If you have been interested in the Samsung Odyssey headset, now might be the best time to shop as it is available for a heavy discount.
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