Apex Legends: Hitbox Changes & Information

Apex Legends: Hitbox Changes & Information

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Current hit box information:

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Wraith – 33 square cmLifeline – 37 square cm – 12% increaseBloodhound – 37 square cm – 12% increaseMirage – 44 square cm – 33% increaseBangalore – 44 square cm – 33% increasePathfinder – 63 square cm – 90% increaseCaustic – 68 square cm – 105% increaseGibraltar – 79 square cm – 140% increase

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As indicated by very observational fanatics of the game, the hitbox regions for each character in Apex Legends can be amazingly off, or if nothing else unreasonable. These fans have worked out that Wraith has the littlest hitbox, at only 33 square centimeters.

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While each character is greater than wraith, Lifeline and Bloodhound have just a 12% hitbox increment, though Pathfinder and Caustic are around twice as expansive – and poor Gibraltar players need to endure a hitbox that is an incredible 140% bigger than Wraith’s, at 79 square centimeters. He’s essentially much easier to hit than some other character.

Apex Legends hitbox information

The original fan to see these hitbox issues was YouTuber SookieSpy, who posted a video titled ‘Apex Legends – Hitbox Issues’, where he runs down the issues with a portion of the characters. While Legends like Wraith and Bloodhound have quite tight hitboxes, so you can shoot entirely near their character model and they won’t get hit, others aren’t so fortunate. Pathfinder, for instance, Sookiespy had the capacity to shoot in spite of pointing in noteworthy holes – such between his legs.

What has Respawn said about this?

Luckily, Respawn has observed these issues. In the present ‘Respawn Check-In’ community update, posted on Reddit, the group guarantee to investigate the issue. “We know about the criticism around the hitbox contrasts between characters,” the refresh peruses. “This is an area that unquestionably needs improvement and we will address it later on.”

In any case on when or on the off chance that it is fixed, this issue most likely won’t prevent Apex Legends from proceeding to increment in notoriety. The player tally has since a long time ago passed 25 million, with two million simultaneous players, and that was two weeks prior. We actually believe it’s the best fight royale diversion around. Nonetheless, we trust you’ll excuse us in the event that we don’t play Gibraltar again for some time.
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