Demigod City Setup Guide

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Enemies surrounded Jericho but no one could pass the walls to defeat the city! The walls of Jericho were infallible. The only thing that could get past them were divine forces. Stop your enemies at your walls with a superior City set up.
Building Levels

“We Shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill
Get ready to Shape your stronghold with your building levels! However, this is strategy to how you build! Let’s take a look! From the exterior to the interior, what’s important? Now with Demigod levels a whole new game has come into play. In order, to even open Demigod Features your stronghold has to be level 1101. To open certain researches your Academy has to be different levels.
So whether, you want to be Emperor, a Demigod Trap, or just safe your building levels come into play and are extremely important.

So what is the strategy with leveling up your Stronghold so that you’re stronger than Fort Knox? Go as max as possible or wait? Well let’s look at this from both sides.
Attack and Wonder
If you are an attack and wonder player you definitely want to be as max as possible on your building levels. These building levels will increase your stats and march size. You want to be the most feared anyways so level up that building.
On the defense side higher level buildings give more defense. So if you are aiming to just not burn, build away! However, with new demigod building levels certain levels are needed in order to attain certain stats. Building stats matter more now than they have in the past. However, the question remains whether or not players will be able to compensate in other places for stats that new building levels give.
Inside your Stronghold
What Buildings should you build? Barracks, Villas, or Hospitals… (oh my)

Villas provide attack
Hospitals provide defense
Barracks provide health

The first thought of traps will be to go for Health and Defense. However, don’t forget that you also need attack to be able to kill your attackers march. There is a balance needed when building your stats. For more information on our defense vs. attack testing check it out here.

The Academy

The Academy is a crucial building in your city when it comes to Demigods. In order, to even unlock Demigod Research your Academy must be at level 1101. In addition, further levels of research require higher Academy levels. If you keep a low Stronghold build your Academy will not allow you to fully access Demigod Research.
When it comes to troops T1 troops are unlocked with demigod features. T2 require Academy 1110, T3 and T4 Demigods require even higher levels of your Academy.

Banner Stand

Banners have continued to update and we have several now to choose from. We now have a whole article discussing banners and there uses. You can get a closer look at Banners in the Demigod Dimension Here.
Don’t forget!! You are able to combine banners. It requires 4 banners at the same level to combine to the next level. For example, if you have 4 level 3 banners you are able to combine those to get a level 4 banner. Once you have 4 level 4 banners you can combine them to get a level 5 Banner.


Gear Workshop

Our Current gear is not available for leveling or power up. However, it is available to be improved. This improvement however, looks differently than it has in the past. Improvement instead is taking the gear to the next level. Check it out.

For more information on gear check out, Teamrealtips Forging Ahead.
Athena’s Armory
Athena’s Armory has been around for awhile. With the release of the Armory the people who never got rid of Gear greatly benefited from the set bonuses that were applied. With Athena’s Armory you do not need to have the gear equipped in order to benefit from it. You simply need to have the gear in your inventory. Recently, the armory was updated to include Demigod Gear Sets. In the table below you can see the bonuses available for your Demigod Gear Sets.

wdt_ID Gear Set Base Set Bonus Full Set Bonus

Demigod Haste Set
+120% Lv 1-3 Demigod Rallying March Speed+120% Lv 1-3 Demigod Attacking March Speed+20% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Defense+40% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Attack+20% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Health
+200% Level 1-3 Demigod Rallying March Speed+200% Level 1-3 Demigod Attacking March Speed+40% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Defense+80% Demigod Troop,Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Attack+40% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Health

Demigod Combat Set (Bastion and Berserker)
+120% Lv 1-3 Demigod Rallying March Speed+120% Lv 1-3 Demigod Attacking March Speed+20% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Defense+40% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Attack+20% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Health
+200% Lv 1-3 Demigod Rallying March Speed+200% Lv 1-3 Demigod Attacking March Speed+40% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Defense+80% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Attack+40% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Health

Demigod Challenger Set
+60% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Defense+150% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Attack+60% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Health
+80% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Defense+250% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Attack+80% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Health

Demigod Economic Sets
+4% Mythic Training Speed+4% Demigod Trap Building Speed+4% Demigod Training Speed+13:53:20 Demigod T1 Speed Up Research Flat Time Reduction– ALL Demigod Researches+12% Demigod T1 Construction Time Efficiency+15% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Health +15% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Defense+15% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Attack
+6% Mythic Training Speed+6% Demigod Trap Building Speed+6% Demigod Training Speed+1d 03:46:40 Demigod T1 Speed Up Research Flat Time Reduction– ALL Demigod Researches+20% Demigod T1 Construction Time Efficiency+25% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Health +25% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Defense+25% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Attack

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Demigod VIP has tons of Demigod Benefits that are important to your build. Current Max VIP is 1381. In VIP you are going to find tons of benefits including Hero Presets, Combat Stats, March Stats, Blessing Bonuses, and so many more. Be sure to keep on top of VIP and how it will benefit you.
However, this is another feature where cost versus benefit needs to be explored. This feature will not come cheap, however, it is a very useful one if you are able to obtain it.
Avatars- More than Just Looks
Wondering where you’re missing stats that everyone else seems to have? It’s your Avatar. Now they are not only part of our identity in chat but provide stat increases. Although many of the old Avatar boosts are now irrelevant, there are new Avatars to help you on your quest for greatness!
So how does it work? What stats do they add? I’ll walk you through.
Steps to unlocking Avatar Boosts

Open Chests in Items
Go to My Items and Special
Scroll down and click use to open Avatar
Once you have all the Avatars for that collection
Go to Avatar Collection
Click Unlock and you’re ready to go!

Speed Dungeon
The Speed Dungeon has had a huge makeover. In the past our speed dungeon had one monster available to be hit at a time. This has changed so that we have a list of monsters that are available to be hit. Explore some of the new features of the Speed Dungeon with Teamrealtips!
The Dungeons
Open your Dungeon and Scroll! This will allow you to see every dungeon that is currently available and pick which dungeon you would like to play.

Each of the dungeons will show you a variety of info from just looking at them. You will be able to see the following:

The Name of the Dungeon
The Energy required to hit the monster
The Possible Rewards

One of the newest features available is Auto Play. This feature allows you to play the dungeon without having to do all the heavy lifting for one hour. However, beware, once you use this item from your inventory the clock starts ticking down. Check out Auto Play! All you have to do is go into the dungeon of your choosing flip the Auto-Battle switch and let it run. Beware if you exit the dungeon Auto Play does stop, however, the time will still run out.
Game of War has bestowed us with a new Demigod Upgrade. Our Pantheon’s are once again active with Deities to guide our way in battle. Today Teamrealtips will bring you the information you need to know in order to be successful with your new Pantheon.
What you need to know:

Different Deities unlock at different levels of the building
Each Deity provides a different stat
Unlocking your Pantheon requires a Pantheon Foundation, in order to upgrade Demigod Pantheon Upgrade Scrolls are required
Once you unlock the deity all you have to do is tap activate

Check out the deities available with this update

DietyLevel UnlockedStat Provided

Zeus’ Authority
1101Thunderlord Attack

Ares’ Barrage
1106Firelord Attack

Apollo’s Fire
1112Waterlord Attack

Athena’s Scorn
1118Demigod Empire Attack

Poseidon’s Flood
1125Demigod Rally & Wonder Attack

Hades’ Darkness
1130Demigod Troop Attack

Dragon Portal
The Dragon Dimension has arrived. In your city you can now see a Dragon Portal. This leads to a new Dimension. A whole other city awaits you there.There you will find the opportunity to do linked events that will allow you to earn prizes in the Dragon Dimension and the Demigod Dimension.
There is much to be discovered there and the Realtips team is working to get you the best information available! Come explore with us and Roam with Dragons and we will be back to you with more updates soon!

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How to Catch Up in the the Demigod Dimension

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Everyone needs a little time away. It happens. Sometimes things happen where you just need to put down the game and take some time for yourself. Nevertheless, we all have returned.  The game pulls you back in, but mostly, it’s the people we meet and form relationships with that brings us back. So we redownload the game, reset passwords we forgot, and watch the game come back to life, and prepare to learn how to catch up in the Demigod Dimension.
Then it hits you, you are faced with the realization that you have no idea what is going on. With the release rate in the Demigod Dimension, it’s easy to fall behind, feel overwhelmed, and not know where to begin to put your account back together.  So let’s take some time to figure out how to catch up in Demigod Dimension.
Get Back in the Community
Game of War has an extensive community of players. The players have found many ways to communicate and share information regarding the game using different apps. Line and Discord are the two most common apps used by Game of War players for this purpose. Real Tips has both a Line room and a Discord Room for the Game of War community. These rooms have a vast amount of knowledge from the many different players, and we all share and help each other as much as possible.
Find a Friend
Everyone needs to have one person to act as a mentor to help guide you back into the game. Find someone that is willing to be there to answer all of your questions about how to catch up in the demigod dimension. Add them to your Contact List in-game so you can easily reach out when you are buried deep in building and need a fast answer. This person will also be a good resource to help you pick your packs wisely! The great part is that most players are very helpful, and this should be an easy step.
Join an Active Alliance
This is a very important step in making your comeback! The obvious reason is that you have a group of people to help you guide you in the right direction. However, there are a few less than obvious reasons. The first being the Alliance Helps. This will save you speeds when you are researching, building, and training. Also, many people learn by watching. Being in an active alliance you can watch conversations in alliance chat. You can observe rallies. This will help you learn how to use any new features. Not to mention, it is so much easier to get an Econ Blessing when you are with a group that is logging in the game consistently.
Make a Plan for Your City
Now that you are in the Real Tips rooms, you found a mentor, and you found an alliance, its time to focus on the actual work. This is where most people get overwhelmed. However, breaking it down into sections makes it easier.

Hero and Gear– Get your hero leveled up and make sure you have presets ready with training, construction, and research gear ready.
Building Levels– A lot of the research requires your academy to be at a certain level. Therefore, it is best to try and build as high as you can go before you start researching.
Research– This is the foundation of every great account, so make sure you complete as much of your missing research as possible
Training Troops– There is no reason to have to train troops until right before you are ready to drop your shield. The only exception to this is if you need to gather resources. If that is the case, train just enough to fill a march.

Don’t forget to use the Real Tips guides to help you along the way. We have a Hero Guide, a City Guide, and a Guide for Gear.
Drop Your Shield and Have Fun!
Now its time to finally join the fun! Drop your shield and get in some rallies. Don’t forget that continually taking hits is the best way to test your account. Maintaining account is an ongoing process, but it is certainly part of the fun.
Have a tip for players returning to the game? Comment below and tell us what was the best advice you received when you returned to playing Game of War.
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Defending in Demigod Realm

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When it comes to Demigod defense, it’s been evolving in Game of War. While many assume that defending is the same as being a trap, it’s simply not true. Trapping is the art of appearing to have a weak account when, in fact, it’s very strong. If you are simply building to defend, you are not worried at all about appearing to have a small account worth hitting. You simply just want to make sure you can fill rallies and drop your shield without the fear of being burned by a solo or rally.
In this article, we will go over what it will take to have a safe build, a basic safe Demigod defense account.
Important Stats
Knowing which stats are important when defending is the most important piece of information to have. This will allow you to guide yourself through gear, hero skills, and other areas such as the Boost Hall with greater ease
Of course, we all know that Demigod Defense, Attack, and Health are the most important. Also important are Attack and Health Debuffs. But remember that those are supporting stats, and they affect the attacking player’s troops and not your own. Any stats that improve your Troops are stronger than the stats that affect the incoming troops. Having high Debuffs will not save you if you have not made sure your Demigod Attack and Demigod Defense and Demigod Health are as high as you can get them. Right now the Demigod Defense Debuff is around 65k, so you want to push to get your defense above that number.
Another thing to keep in mind is the importance of Trap stats. Your traps take the brunt of the hit and are usually the only thing lost in a battle. Make sure you have Trap Attack, Trap Defense, and Trap Health maxed anywhere possible.
Depending on what kind of set up you are using will greatly influence your choice of gear. It also will have a lot to do with which pieces of gear you have leveled up, powered up, and enhanced the farthest.
Because the Defense Debuff is around 65k, you first want to make sure that you have gear that will get your defense over that DD stat. Then, add in pieces that add a lot of Attack to help kill more of the incoming march. Some of the attack pieces will also have Attack Debuff in them as well, so those are beneficial in more than one way.
To get more details on gear, RealTips has two more detailed articles to help you with your selection of Gear and their Stats
Troop Composition
This is a highly debatable subject matter, as well as highly diversified. But keep in mind, your Troop Build will be directly related to your stats. If you have higher stats that are closer to max, then you can cut your troop count down farther than most. However, if you’re stats are average to below average, you will need extra troops to help you take those hits. Keep in mind, this is a general recommendation for most players to build safe to take hits. We recognize that there are many possibilities to choose from, especially if you like to play different styles, but this is the most general setup recommended to not burn.
Building to Not Burn
First, using t4 as a meat shield is no longer suggested. The amounts that you would need to build would be very costly and would increase your power exponentially. The cost of building the t4 needed to not burn could be put to use in other areas.
T5 is the most efficient tier to use for building your meat shield. Currently, you will need at least 500million t5 Traps and 100million t5 mythics to not burn for a t6 rally. If you are going up against a notorious maxed account, they may even need more.
Hero And Hero Skills
Which Hero you use will greatly depend on the levels of the heroes you have open. Just because you have the new Beryl hero will not mean that it’s the best one to use, especially if it’s not level 85 or above. That seemed to be the point at which the Beryl had higher stats than the Blue Knight.
Like discussed in the Stat section above, you want to first skill your TTMM Demigod Attack, Demigod Defense, and Demigod Health. After that Attack Debuff and Health Debuff would be important. Finally, make sure you skill the individual Type Attacks and Type Defenses.
What About Mercenary and Dragon Realm Stats?
Many ask about the Dragon Realm Stats, Whirlpool, Gushing Lava, and Desert Storm. These are actually type stats in themselves. Whirlpool is the same as Waterlord, Gushing Lava is Firelord, and Desert Storm is Thunderlord. These type stats have been tested and are about one fifth the strength of the normal Type Stats. So unless you have plenty of extra skill points, don’t worry about putting skills in these spots.
Lastly, mercenary skills are also often questioned. We tested multiple times with the berserkers and even having banners that multiplied the berserker stats. None of the RealTips tests showed a change in the outcome when we skilled both mercenary defense and mercenary health. The Mercenary Attack did have a slight kill increase, although priority would definitely go towards Type attack over mercenary attack.
Banners and Gems
Banners and Gems are a great place to add what is missing. If you feel your account needs to kill more incoming troops, then use the banners that have the most attack. If you think you need to save more of your troops from being killed, then stack defense and attack debuff in gems and banners. You can quickly look at the banners and gems at RealTips previous posts on each of these topics!
Check our post on Demigod Gems here
Information about Demigod Banners is here.
Miscellaneous Information
Research- You want to do as much research as possible. Power gained from doing research is not anything to be concerned about any longer. Besides your gear, your research is your most powerful tool. Get in that academy and get to work!!
Lifetime Boost Hall- We can not stress the importance of this building enough. Although the stats seem small, they do all stack and will add up to a significant amount. Think about the stats we have discussed in this article, and then figure out what you think your account may be missing. This is one of the places where you can really get the Trap specific stats built up.  Use this boost hall to your advantage!!
VIP- Vip doesn’t necessarily need to be maxed, as this can sometimes defer leads from hitting you. If you are building a trap, then just upgraded little at a time. If you are just building to defend without burning no matter what it takes, then go ahead and get your VIP as high as you want.
Special Buildings- The special buildings are very important. These can be leveled as high as you can get them, and as long as you run Anti Scout, no one will know if you have them maxed or not. Some buildings to focus on leveling first for Defending :

Black Market– Demigod Attack, Demigod Defense, and Demigod Health
Alchemy Lab– Trap Attack and TTMM Attack Debuff
Speed Up Treasury– Trap Defense
Gear Workshop– Empire Defender Demigod Attack
Archeology Hall– Empire Defender Demigod Defense
Mausoleum– Empire Defender Demigod Health

While many players have found their own little tricks to the game, this is sure to be a safe Demigod Defense build for any player. Always keep in mind that as new releases come out, you want to increase your defense and also increase the number of traps and mythics you use for your meat shield. Do you have any tips you would like to share with other Real Tips players? Comment in the section below and share with the community!
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Demigod Gems

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Gems enhance your gear, and can sometimes be the tipping point between victory and defeat. The downside is sorting through all those gems in the preset list. It can be quite confusing! Now that the Demigod Realm has a variety to choose from, we can go through and figure out which Demigod Gems are best for which set up.
Attack Gems Sets

Rally Attack Gem Sets

Defense Gems Sets

Trap Defense Stats

Wall Trap Stats

Debuff Gem Sets

Wonder Gem Sets

March Speed Gem Sets

Economy Gem Sets

Other Gems
Other gems have also been released that are not part of a specific set. These gems can be used to enhance any current Gem Set that you have embedded in your gear piece. You can obtain these gems by Dungeons, Gold Store Streak Bar, and Special Events.

The One’s Demigod Valor Gem – 80% Attack, 40% Defense, 40% Health, and 30%  attacking march speed for all tiers of troops
Game of War Anniversary Attack Gem –  60% Attack, 40 % Health, and this gem also has Rally Attack, Wonder Holding Attack, Health Debuff, and Defense Debuff
Demigod Bonesnapper Gem –  The first gem released without a set, this gem has Empire Defending attack, Rally Attack, Defense, Health, and Rally Health
Limited Time – Demigod Victory Gem – This was the gem we all worked hard clicking in the dungeon to get!!! 60% Attack, and also has Defense, Health, and Attack Debuff
St Patrick’s Day Golden General Gem – 18% Attack and 3.6% Health, this was the first special gem to not be included in a set.

Once you sort out your gems, dont forget to check out #TeamRealTips articles on Gear to make sure your Hero is ready to go in to battle!
Do you have a go-to Gem Set? Let us know in the comments below which Gems are your favorites!
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Demigod Realm Banners

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Since the release of Demigod Realm, and then Dragon Realm, it can seem very overwhelming to pick which banner is best for you. While RealTips has a spreadsheet listing all banners, this post will serve as an active guide to sorting out which banner is best for you.
Attacking Banners
These banners and gems are the best for solo attacks, not Rallies. The most important stat you want to look for is the Troop, Trap, Mythic, Mercenary (TTMM) Attack. Besides the attack, you want to prioritize the TTMM Health and the TTMM Defense Debuff.  Due to the fact that the defending troop counts are much larger than the incoming march, Defense Debuff is better to use when soloing.

Demigods The One Regalia Banner
Demigod The Ones Supreme Banner
Demigod Rampage Banner
Demigod Vantage

Rally Attack Banners 
When Rallying targets, you need, once again, to stack as much attack as possible to try and get through the wall traps. But here, you can also add Rally Attack.

Demigods The One Regalia Banner
Demigod The Ones Supreme Banner
Demigod Rampage Banner
Demigod Vantage

Defending Banners
In the Demigod Realm, it is almost unheard of for players to capture a hero. The attack needed to kill the entire incoming march is just not there, unless a really weak account is hitting a really strong account. TTMM Attack and TTMM Defense can both be used to defend successfully.  Back up your attack and defense with Health and Attack Debuff

Demigod Helmsplitter Banner
Demigod Victory Banner
Demigod Reflective Armor Banner
Demigod Rampage Banner
Dragon War Dimension DragonSlayer Banner

Wonder Banners
Wonders can be a little more tricky to figure out, as you need to  both attack the wonder and hold the wonder. When attacking the wonder, you want to make sure that you are using as much attack as possible, and Rally Attack when it applies. Furthermore, when holding the Wonder, you still need attack, but also add Wonder Holding Attack as a priority, as well as Health Debuff. The debuff is more potent in Wonder scenarios because the troop counts are equal for both attacking and holding the wonder.

Demigod the Ones Regalia Banner
Demigods Supreme Banner
Demigod Rampage Banner
Dragon War Dimension Dragonscale Banner

As always, only you are going to know what’s best for your account. Get out there and test your banners to see which one works best for your city!
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Hero Guide- Be Extraordinary

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Are you strong enough to lead your army, or a smart enough tactician to defend your Stronghold? Every battle has a hero that stands out and rises above the rest. Does your hero have what it takes?
Meet The Heroes
Spartan Hero
We, of course, cannot discuss Demigods without a new hero with Demigod stats to protect our city. Upon the release of Demigods, we also received the Spartan Hero. This is our hero for everything Demigod.
Facts about your Spartan Hero:

Leveling your Spartan to 50 is easy once the hero is unlocked, as it requires only Hero XP.
The Spartan Hero tree resembles the original hero tree from the beginning of the game.
Spartan Hero Tree includes skills for:

Food Upkeep
Demigod Combat Stats
Core High Range Boost
Demigod Wonder Stats
Overlimit March Size

The points given for skills are very limited and therefore must be used wisely.

Valkyrie Hero
Facts about your Valkyrie Hero:

As with the Spartan hero, no Leveling Hilts are needed until level 50.

Valkyrie Hero Tree includes skills for:

Demigod Combat Stats
Food Upkeep
Training Cost Reduction
Research Cost Reduction
Economy Blessing Modifier
Combat Blessing Modifier
Crafting Core High Range Boost

This is a hero you will definitely want to use for Core Crafting.
This is your only Demigod Hero with Blessing Modifiers.

Demigod Frost King
Facts about your Frost King Hero:

Frost King Hero Skills Include

Demigod Combat Skills
Construction Cost Reduction
Upkeep Reduction
Research Cost Reduction
Overlimit March Size

This Hero has some great debuffs and Econ Stats.

Demigod Sapphire Hero
Facts about your Sapphire Hero:

Sapphire Hero Skills Include:

Demigod Combat Skills
Training Resource Cost Reduction
Upkeep Reduction
March Speed
Overlimit March Size
Mercenary Stats

If you are T5- and T6-based, this is a hero you will definitely want to look into for its T5 and T6 Specific Stats.

Demigod Azure Knight Hero

Facts about your Azure Knight Hero:

This Hero provides various Combat Stats, however, these will become more useful as this Hero’s level is increased
This Hero will be your Standout Hero if you are completing Pantheon Research. Be sure to skill it to reduce your T1, T2, and T3 RSS costs.

Beryl Warrior Hero

Facts about your Beryl Warrior Hero:

Currently the stats on this hero are somewhat lacking, however, like previous heroes we can expect these to improve as the Hero Level is increased.
One of the biggest uses from this Hero right now will be for RSS Reduction for Combat and Defense Research

Hero Level
Let’s look at Hero levels from each side:
Attack and Wonder
As a lead player, you want your hero to be the highest level possible. Hero levels give great boosts in attack and health.
If your goal is just defense so that you can unshield, your hero should definitely be leveled as high as possible. However, many of us old-school traps know that there used to be more strategy regarding whether or not you level up your hero. We are left wondering if, with Demigods, some of this strategy will return. For traps, hero level used to be key because if your hero level was too high, leads would not hit.
All of these need to be taken into account when choosing whether or not to level your hero:

Is the cost of this feature realistic for me?
Are the stats worth the possible decreased hits due to hero level?
If I choose not to level up, where else can I get stats that I am missing from hero levels?

Skilling of the Hero Tree
Skilling is no longer as simple as it was with previous heroes. We do not have massive amounts of skill points to allocate wherever we want, and it is not cut-and-dry “start at the bottom and work your way up.” Your points need to be very well-planned.
Things to Consider when Skilling:

In order to put just one point in the bottom skill, you must use 24 points.
Just because you unlock a box doesn’t mean you can max that skill; you must be a certain hero level to max the skill.
Points are very limited (below, we will cover hero costs and points).
Hero Presets do not open until VIP 1305.
Hero Preset items are very rare and difficult to get, which makes using this feature difficult.

There are multiple factors to consider when skilling your hero. On the defense and attack side, skilling for attack will be very important. Here at Teamrealtips, we recommend skilling using a setup even the current Emperor, Huckster (73V) uses!
The theory with this skilling setup is that you provide max protection for your traps, which die first and max attack for traps because they are a huge factor. You want your points for trap defense and attack as high as possible and then use any leftover points in a troop attack slot. Attack is currently important for defense players, as it allows them to kill more of their Attacker’s march.
Which Hero
With the multitude of Heroes, at times choosing the right hero to use can be difficult. We have created a table for the heroes so you can look at a side-by-side comparison of their stats. We will look at Combat Stats and Economy Stats. The number in the table is what the Hero offers at max skilled level. So be aware that, depending on your Hero Level, you may still need to make adjustments for yourself.
Demigod Combat Stats
Demigod Economy Stats
Demigod Overlimit March Stats
Demigod Debuffs
The Other Heroes
WIth Demigods resetting the game, are all of those other heroes irrelevant? Mostly, but not completely. If you plan on hitting any monsters, your Demigod Hero has no skills for this, so using your original hero is best for this function.
Bait traps! Toss your old hero on with old gear and swap that hero! With the expense of gear presets for those who love bait trapping, this brings a whole new level of strategy.
We have heard of many other uses for your Hero out there. People are using this hero for cost reductions with powering up and more! So be sure to check the Eco stats on your Original Hero and see how it can help you.
Hero Garrison
While the Hero Garrison is still in your city there is currently no demigod stats included here. Therefore, this is a feature you do not need to factor into your calculations.
Equip Your Hero
Now that your trees are skilled, equip your hero with the best gear possible. For a list of the best gear, check out our Gear Guide.
With the massive update, your hero will need to be at the top of his game to survive. Do you have what it takes?
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