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A Dragonville City Walkthrough

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Welcome to your Dragon City. While many features are similar to ones that we are used to there are also some unique ones as well. In this Guide, we will cover your Dragonville City and include all the information you need to know as you work on your setup.
We have heard the Dragon War Dimension called many things. Among the community, it has been known as “the basement,” “Dragonville,” “the Toothless Realm” (if you do not get this reference, go watch How to Train your Dragon… now), and much more. Whatever you choose to call the Dragon War Realm, it has sparked many players’ interest. Therefore, Teamrealtips will work to get guides out to you so that you can be successful as you build your city among the dragons.
A City Walkthrough
For this guide, we will be walking through the city and exploring each building and its functions. Some will be familiar, others may be new, but hopefully we will be able to give you a basic understanding of what is going on in your Dragon City.
Dragon’s Den
The Dragon’s Den is one of the very first buildings you encounter when beginning your Dragonville account. This is where your Dragon will reside. I named mine Ruby, so Ruby lives in her Den in my Dragon City.
One thing that most players have noted is that if you are not currently able to level up your Dragon, it may be better to wait to hatch it. Dragon Level Up Crystals are only available in packs, and the higher levels can be costly.
We talked some about the Dragon’s Den in Enter The Dragon Dimension. More information can be found there, but we will cover some of the basics here as well.
Dragon Facts

Leveling up your Dragon Costs Dragon Level Up Crystals.
Your Dragon has HP (Hit Points), and takes damage like your Troops do.
As HP decreases in Combat, Attack and Defense boosts will decrease with it.
Your Dragon’s stats can be customized utilizing a skill tree.
Your Dragon can join Rallies and Marches and will assist in Combat.
The Dragon must be at 100% HP to participate in Rallies or Marches.
You can send up to 9 Dragons per Rally.
Your Dragon can occupy and defend your Empire, Resource Tiles, Wonder, etc.
Your Dragon will naturally heal itself over time while it rests in the Dragon’s Den.
Instant Heal Items can be found in Special Sales.

This building maxes out at Level 2. Benefits provided by this building are:

Dragon Reinforcement Capacity: 9
Dragon March Size: 1
Dragon Rally Size: 10

The Dungeon
Every good city needs a dungeon! Where else would the monsters lurk? You certainly do not want them out among the common folks, they frighten easily. The Dungeon is your access point for your Speed Dungeon and your Explorer Dungeon. The Dungeon stays at level 1 and does not go to a higher level.
Speed Dungeon
The Speed Dungeon, we are familiar with. It is where we go to kill our Lightning Shardbeast. This beast will drop not only Speed Up items, but resources, making it a valuable asset to our cities. In addition, there have now been special dungeons added for gems and the black market, so be sure to check out that dungeon as it contains valuable treasures.
Explorer Dungeon
The Explorer Dungeon is not yet available. It is there, but is not something we have been able to access at this point. However, if it is similar to the Explorer Dungeon of the past, it will offer very helpful rewards for slaying the monsters that lie within.
Black Market
The Black Market is new to Dragonville. It needs to be unlocked, but unlike our Black Market in the Demigod Dimension, the Unlock is free. Here, you can buy different items for your Dragon City utilizing Black Market coins. These can be obtained through the Gold Store and by participating in special Black Market Events.
The Portal is where you travel between the Demigod Dimension and the “basement.” It only levels to one and its sole use is to transport you between dimensions.

The Stronghold is the center of your city. The level of your Stronghold determines most of what you are able to do and what buildings you can unlock. In addition, tapping on your Stronghold will also give you an overview of your city’s economy. The Stronghold in Dragonville currently goes to Level 30.
Stronghold Benefits
Below, you can see what benefits you receive at each Stronghold Level. Certain buildings that are dependent on your Stronghold Level are listed as well, so that you can see when these open.

wdt_ID Level Payout

Alliance Help Max: +1March Size: 1KMarch Slots: +1

March Size: 2K

Alliance Helps Max: +1March Size: 3KBarracks

March Size: 4K

Alliance Help Max: +1March Size: 5KGymnos

March Size: 6KMarch Slots: +1Embassy

Alliance Help Max: +1March Size: 9K

March Size: 8KMarketplace

Alliance Help Max: +1March Size: 9K

March Size: 10KForge

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The Academy
The Academy is where you complete research. Currently, we have four research trees in Dragonville:

Wall Traps

Upgrading your academy speeds up your research and also allows access to new improvements for your city. Research does add good stats to your setup, but also gives a substantial increase in Power, so if you want to stay low-power, be aware of the power that is being added by your research.
Dragonville Academy Details

wdt_ID Level Research Speed Bonus











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Hall of War
The Hall of War comes with its own set of abilities. This is where your rallies gather and leave from within your city, and we all love a good rally. The War is led by the Hero of the Player who initiated the Rally. By increasing the level of your Hall of War, you can increase the number of troops you can send in a given Rally at a time.
Hall of War Details

wdt_ID Level Capacity











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The Embassy allows you to get reinforcements from your fellow Alliance members. The owners of reinforcment Troops pay for their own upkeep. This is an important building that helps you to defend against attacks! Increasing the level of this building will allow you to get more reinforcements from your fellow Alliance members.
Embassy Details

LevelTroop CapacityLevelTroop Capacity
















The Prison does not open until Stronghold Level 15. At this point, your Hero is now able to be captured and you can capture the Heroes of your Attackers. Upgrading your Prison will decrease the amount of time you need to hold your enemies heroes before being able to execute. In addition, by holding Heroes in your prison, you are able to gain additional Attack benefits based off the Level of the Prisoner. You receive these benefits at Prison Level 30.

Highest Prisoner Level 1~19- All Troop Attack 1%
Highest Prisoner Level 20~24- All Troop Attack 2%
Highest Prisoner Level 25-29- All Troop Attack 4%
Highest Prisoner Level 30~34- All Troop Attack 7%
Highest Prisoner Level 35~39- All Troop Attack 11%
Highest Prisoner Level 40~44- All Troop Attack 16%
Highest Prisoner Level 45~49- All Troop Attack 22%
Highest Prisoner Level 50+- All Troop Attack 30%

The Altar opens at Stronghold 20. This building works hand-in-hand with your Prison, as you cannot execute the Heroes in your Prison until you have an Altar. In addition, the Altar provides some great benefits when your Altar Boost is active.
Altar Details

LevelAttack (%)Troop Defense Bonus (%)Health (%)Speed (%)































The Gymnos is all about your Hero. The purpose of this building is to give your Hero an XP Bonus and to retain XP for descendant Heroes. The higher the level of this building, the better your Hero XP modifier. If you are looking for XP for your Hero leveling, this building is super important.
Gymnos Details

LevelHero XP Modifier (%)Hero XP Retention (%)LevelHero XP Modifier (%)Hero XP Retention (%)
















Our next building is the Marketplace. This building will allow you to send resources to other Alliance Members. By leveling up your Marketplace, you can increase the amount of help you can send your fellow Alliance Member and decrease the tax that you pay when sending Help. If you like to share in the wealth, this building will be a huge help.
Cinder’s Sneaky Tip: One of the reasons I love the marketplace is that if I am looking for an Alliance Mate, and they are not online, I can simply send a march of resources to them and follow the march! This could also be used for other… ummmm… covert missions. 
The Storehouse protects a portion of your resources from enemy attacks. A higher-level Storehouse will protect more resources. So if you want to keep your resources safe when you are being attacked, be sure to upgrade this building.
The Forge
Let’s be honest, this is my favorite building. Here is where you will combine materials and craft gear. You can also combine Gems here or collectibles. Leveling up the Forge will give you benefits as well, including Normal Equipment Crafting Cost Reduction, and at Level 21 you unlock your second accessory slot for gear.
The Watchtower warns you of all incoming marches targeting your city and your city’s encampments. Leveling up this building will give you further details as you progress.
Watchtower Details

LevelWatchtower Abilities

1Warns of incoming marches on your Empire, resource tiles you occupy, or Wonders under your control.

5Tells you the purpose of the March (Attack, Trade, etc)

10Tells you the name of the player sending the March and provides coordinates to the player.

15Tells you the arrival time of a March.

20Tells you the Guild of the Player sending the March.

25Gives an estimate of the total troops in the March.

30Tells you the troop types in an incoming attack.

Barracks, Hospitals, and Villas, oh my!
Traditionally we are used to our Barracks, Hospitals, and Villas offering set stats. However, in Dragonville, this is different. Barracks are where we train our troops, but here they no longer offer Health or Defense. Barracks give bonuses for training. By increasing the number of Barracks and the level, you can increase the number of troops you can train at once and decrease the cost.
The Hospital no longer gives Health or Defense benefits, either. The level and number of hospitals you have, however, does control how many beds you have. If you want to set up so that more troops go to the hospital than die, you will want to build more hospitals and level them up.
Finally, we have Villas. The Villas are still for production of Silver, but they also offer a Troop Defense Bonus. This benefit starts at Level 10 and increases with the number of Villas you have.
Villa Details

LevelTroop Defense Bonus (%)Level Troop Defense Bonus (%)












Farms, Logging Camps, Quarry, and Mine
These are where you create the rest of your resources needed to complete functions within the Dragon Realm. By increasing the level of these buildings, you can increase the amount of resources that you produce. In addition, by increasing the level of these buildings, you can increase your holding capacity for these resources. If you have more resources than your Empire Capacity, your RSS buildings will stop producing.
Gear Workshop
The Gear Workshop has been added into the Dragon Dimension. Here you are able to upgrade your gear using Iron Scraps. However, in order to be able to utilize your Gear Workshop to its full potential it is necessary to upgrade it first.
This building requires Gear Workshop Blueprints to upgrade. We have put together details on upgrade costs for you to help when deciding on which packs to purchase. The total cost to upgrade this Building to max at 5 is 200 Blueprints.

wdt_ID Level Benefit Cost

Upgrade Common Gear to Uncommon Quality
20 Blueprints

Upgrade Uncommon Gear to Rare Quality
40 Blueprints

Upgrade Rare Gear to Epic Quality
60 Blueprints

Upgrade Epic Gear to Legendary Quality
80 Blueprints

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Athena’s Armory
Athena’s Armory is another building that has been added to our landscape. Here we can receive different bonuses from the sets of gear available in your inventory. By unlocking the different levels of this building you can receive bonuses even if you do not have the gear crafted at Legendary. However, note that upgrading the Armory adds a lot of power and is costly. In order to fully upgrade the Armory you need 500 Armory Blueprints.

wdt_ID Level Benefit Cost

Unlock Set Bonuses up to Basic
20 Blueprints

Unlock Set Bonuses up to Common
40 Blueprints

Unlock Set Bonuses up to Uncommon
60 Blueprints

Unlock Set Bonuses up to Rare
80 Blueprints

Unlock Set Bonuses up to Epic
300 Blueprints

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Mercenary Training Grounds
The Mercenary Training Grounds currently house one mythical Creature. When this feature is unlocked you are able to train Dragon Caravan creatures. These troops have been referred to as “Super Farmers” by many players. Their best use is for gathering and they are not intended for defense or attack. This building maxes at level 1.
Hero Hall
We also now have a Hero Hall. This is where you are able to manage the Heroes you have in the Dragon War Dimension. There are currently two Heroes available to players here. Hero 1 and Hero 2. We will cover more information on the Heroes in a later Article.
Banner Stand
The Banner Stand has come to grace your Dragon War Dimension City. Currently there are only four banners available in the Dragon War Dimension.
Dragon War Dimension Banners:

Dragon War Dimension Infantry Banner: Infantry Troop Defense and Infantry Troop Attack
Dragon War Dimension Ranged Banner: Ranged Troop Attack and Ranged Troop Defense
Dragon War Dimension Cavalry Banner: Cavalry Troop Attack and Cavalry Troop Defense
Dragon War Dimension Troop Banner: Troop Attack and Troop Defense

The first three banners listed are available in the Gold Store and the final banner is part of a Rewards program similar to what we have seen in Demigod in the past. Before deciding on purchasing Banners be sure to check the level available in the Gold store as at lower levels these banner stats are very small. In order for the stats to be more valuable you will need multiple banners to combine in your forge.
There are so many more features in Dragonville that Teamrealtips is working to find out more about so we can continue to bring you the best information possible. As buildings are added and we continue to learn more, we will keep this guide updated with the latest information possible.
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Hero Guide- Be Extraordinary

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Are you strong enough to lead your army, or a smart enough tactician to defend your Stronghold? Every battle has a hero that stands out and rises above the rest. Does your hero have what it takes?
Meet The Heroes
Spartan Hero
We, of course, cannot discuss Demigods without a new hero with Demigod stats to protect our city. Upon the release of Demigods, we also received the Spartan Hero. This is our hero for everything Demigod.
Facts about your Spartan Hero:

Leveling your Spartan to 50 is easy once the hero is unlocked, as it requires only Hero XP.
The Spartan Hero tree resembles the original hero tree from the beginning of the game.
Spartan Hero Tree includes skills for:

Food Upkeep
Demigod Combat Stats
Core High Range Boost
Demigod Wonder Stats
Overlimit March Size

The points given for skills are very limited and therefore must be used wisely.

Valkyrie Hero
Facts about your Valkyrie Hero:

As with the Spartan hero, no Leveling Hilts are needed until level 50.

Valkyrie Hero Tree includes skills for:

Demigod Combat Stats
Food Upkeep
Training Cost Reduction
Research Cost Reduction
Economy Blessing Modifier
Combat Blessing Modifier
Crafting Core High Range Boost

This is a hero you will definitely want to use for Core Crafting.
This is your only Demigod Hero with Blessing Modifiers.

Demigod Frost King
Facts about your Frost King Hero:

Frost King Hero Skills Include

Demigod Combat Skills
Construction Cost Reduction
Upkeep Reduction
Research Cost Reduction
Overlimit March Size

This Hero has some great debuffs and Econ Stats.

Demigod Sapphire Hero
Facts about your Sapphire Hero:

Sapphire Hero Skills Include:

Demigod Combat Skills
Training Resource Cost Reduction
Upkeep Reduction
March Speed
Overlimit March Size
Mercenary Stats

If you are T5- and T6-based, this is a hero you will definitely want to look into for its T5 and T6 Specific Stats.

Demigod Azure Knight Hero

Facts about your Azure Knight Hero:

This Hero provides various Combat Stats, however, these will become more useful as this Hero’s level is increased
This Hero will be your Standout Hero if you are completing Pantheon Research. Be sure to skill it to reduce your T1, T2, and T3 RSS costs.

Beryl Warrior Hero

Facts about your Beryl Warrior Hero:

Currently the stats on this hero are somewhat lacking, however, like previous heroes we can expect these to improve as the Hero Level is increased.
One of the biggest uses from this Hero right now will be for RSS Reduction for Combat and Defense Research

Hero Level
Let’s look at Hero levels from each side:
Attack and Wonder
As a lead player, you want your hero to be the highest level possible. Hero levels give great boosts in attack and health.
If your goal is just defense so that you can unshield, your hero should definitely be leveled as high as possible. However, many of us old-school traps know that there used to be more strategy regarding whether or not you level up your hero. We are left wondering if, with Demigods, some of this strategy will return. For traps, hero level used to be key because if your hero level was too high, leads would not hit.
All of these need to be taken into account when choosing whether or not to level your hero:

Is the cost of this feature realistic for me?
Are the stats worth the possible decreased hits due to hero level?
If I choose not to level up, where else can I get stats that I am missing from hero levels?

Skilling of the Hero Tree
Skilling is no longer as simple as it was with previous heroes. We do not have massive amounts of skill points to allocate wherever we want, and it is not cut-and-dry “start at the bottom and work your way up.” Your points need to be very well-planned.
Things to Consider when Skilling:

In order to put just one point in the bottom skill, you must use 24 points.
Just because you unlock a box doesn’t mean you can max that skill; you must be a certain hero level to max the skill.
Points are very limited (below, we will cover hero costs and points).
Hero Presets do not open until VIP 1305.
Hero Preset items are very rare and difficult to get, which makes using this feature difficult.

There are multiple factors to consider when skilling your hero. On the defense and attack side, skilling for attack will be very important. Here at Teamrealtips, we recommend skilling using a setup even the current Emperor, Huckster (73V) uses!
The theory with this skilling setup is that you provide max protection for your traps, which die first and max attack for traps because they are a huge factor. You want your points for trap defense and attack as high as possible and then use any leftover points in a troop attack slot. Attack is currently important for defense players, as it allows them to kill more of their Attacker’s march.
Which Hero
With the multitude of Heroes, at times choosing the right hero to use can be difficult. We have created a table for the heroes so you can look at a side-by-side comparison of their stats. We will look at Combat Stats and Economy Stats. The number in the table is what the Hero offers at max skilled level. So be aware that, depending on your Hero Level, you may still need to make adjustments for yourself.
Demigod Combat Stats
Demigod Economy Stats
Demigod Overlimit March Stats
Demigod Debuffs
The Other Heroes
WIth Demigods resetting the game, are all of those other heroes irrelevant? Mostly, but not completely. If you plan on hitting any monsters, your Demigod Hero has no skills for this, so using your original hero is best for this function.
Bait traps! Toss your old hero on with old gear and swap that hero! With the expense of gear presets for those who love bait trapping, this brings a whole new level of strategy.
We have heard of many other uses for your Hero out there. People are using this hero for cost reductions with powering up and more! So be sure to check the Eco stats on your Original Hero and see how it can help you.
Hero Garrison
While the Hero Garrison is still in your city there is currently no demigod stats included here. Therefore, this is a feature you do not need to factor into your calculations.
Equip Your Hero
Now that your trees are skilled, equip your hero with the best gear possible. For a list of the best gear, check out our Gear Guide.
With the massive update, your hero will need to be at the top of his game to survive. Do you have what it takes?
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How to Pick Gear That’s Right for You

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How many times have you logged in and seen the question, “What’s the best gear right now?” Anyone that has played Game of War for long enough will know that there is never a One-Size-Fits-All answer to that question. No two accounts are the same. Therefore, this article will be teaching everyone How to Pick Gear That’s Right for You. Only you know what your account’s strengths and weaknesses are, so whats best for you may not be best for someone else.
First, lets take a look at some of the different defense-related stats in the gear and learn what they mean

Defense is how well your troops can defend against an attack.
Health is how long your troops can last while defending.
Attack Debuff decreases Attack of the city that is hitting you.
Embassy Attack/Defense/Health are only active if you receive reinforcements.
Empire Defending Attack/Defense only applies when you are defending.

There will always be specialty trap set-ups, and each of them have their own ways to build stats. The most important thing to remember is that stats that affect your troops are going to be better than stats that affect the attacker’s troops. In other words, boosting defense will almost always be better than boosting attack debuff, since the attack debuff only changes the attacker’s strength. So, when picking gear for Defending, you want to make sure that you are choosing gear with the highest Defense and Health. Also, since no one is able to kill a full march in the Demigod Realm, Attack stats are important for killing more of the incoming march.
Examples of Defending Gear in the Demigod Realm:

Conqueror Guilded Gear Set
Champion Storm Gear Set
Bastion Gear (original Demigod release gear, and out of date)

Examples of Defending Gear in Dragon Realm:

Sentinel’s Gear Set
Hunter’s Gear Set (Monster Set with good defensive stats)
Arbiters Helm, Armor, and Feet

If you are picking Attack Gear, the obvious choice is to always choose the highest attack percentage available in the gear piece. Just like when you are defending, there are a few different ways to set your gear up.

Attack Bonus is the strength of your troops when you hit another city.
Assault Attack/Defense/Health (Dragon Realm) only applies while you are attacking.
Defense Debuff reduces the strength of the defending player’s troops.
Rally Attack/Health (Demigod Realm) is attack that is added when you are the Leader of a Rally.
Type Attack is attack that is added specifically to each individual type of troop: Calvary, Infantry, Range.

If you are a Rally Lead, then you would want to prioritize Attack and Rally Attack. Solo attacks would not benefit from Rally Attack at all, but Type Attack could be useful, especially when sending missiles. Then once you have maxed the amount of attacks, you could focus on Debuffs. Because the Dragon Realm does not have Debuff or Rally Stats yet, you would want to try to build your Assault stats or Type Attack when attacking other cities.
Examples of Demigod Attack Gear:

Conqueror Fire Gear Set
Champion Chaos Gear Set

Examples of Dragon Realm Attack Gear:

Arbiter’s Gear Set
Assassin Gear Set

Wonder Battles
Wonders can be pretty intricate. Sometimes Attack gear pieces can outperform Wonder gear pieces, and it also depends on what the player you are competing with is wearing. So, we will just go over some of the stats found in Wonder gear and what they are for. Also, since the Dragon Realm does not currently have a specialty Wonder gear set, then you would pick gear based on highest attack and health.

Wonder Holding Attack/Health only applies when you have taken the Wonder and are defending against incoming attacks.
Wonder Rally Attack will only apply if you are the player that is attacking the Wonder.

Since there are so many different setups, the best way to figure out what works best is to constantly test.
Examples of Gear with Wonder stats in Demigod Realm:

Conqueror Centurian Gear Set
Champion Risque Gown
Champion Jester Hood
Champion Riding Guards
Champion Corrupted Heart
Champion Bloodstone Guantlets

Rounding Out Gear Selections
Now that you know how to pick your gear, make sure you link to our Demigod Gear Article so you know the latest gear to choose from. We will have a Dragon War Dimension article coming soon!
Remember that this article is just a guide for stats that are found in Gear only, and how to chose them to suit your city. There are many, many, many more stats in the game and many more places to obtain them from, such as boosts. This post is just a starting point for choosing gear, and with everything we have gone over, only YOU can figure out which gear is best for YOUR setup. Always test your setup and gear, don’t be afraid to drop your shield, and always reach out and ask questions if you ever need help.
Burn and Learn!!
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The People You Meet in Game of War Social Media

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We have met many people within the Game of War Community and had some fun exploring who these people are in previous installments of our People You Meet series. However, we don’t just meet them in the game — we also see them on social media. Game of War has a vibrant playerbase that thrives in outside communities such as Discord, the Line app, and Facebook.
Therefore, for our next rendition of The People You Meet, we will take a look at the People You Meet in Game of War Social Media. If you missed our previous installments of The People you Meet, make sure you go back and give them a read. They are sure to send you into fits of giggles.
The People You Meet, Part 1
The People You Meet, Part 2
The Lurker… Kinda
You will meet the lurker in every room. They pop their head out on occasion and say a few words, but typically they are the ones that read the room and do not talk. Many times when you call out the lurkers, they will pop their head out and explain why they are lurking, and then go right back to lurking. There is nothing inherently wrong with this type of person, and I myself am guilty of lurking at times. However, we aren’t mean and we like you, so come out and play more often!

The Attention-Seeker
This person is the one that is constantly talking in rooms. Posting information and in more informal rooms pictures of their children, their meals… well, pretty much anything they do all day long. They hope to be validated through an online community and will constantly check back in to see if someone has commented on or liked their post. Once again, there is not anything inherently wrong with this type of personality, but it can become a problem quickly. If I could give you one piece of advice it would be… BREATHE!

The Warner-Awayer
Yeah, I am not sure if those are real words… but it is the best way to describe this person. I’m sure you all know this person, but if you doubt it, let me give you a little more clarification. This person used to play Game of War. They no longer play, but they continue to lurk in the rooms for one reason and one reason only. They are looking for an opening and if they get an opening, this is what they will say:
“If I can give you my advice? Quit NOW… MZ is nothing but money-hungry grubs and I refuse to give them any more of my money. This game ruined my life and I refuse to stop until everyone quits.”
Blah, Blah, Blah. Whatever words or phrasing they use, it is always the same, and all I hear is blah, blah, blah. Get out the room if you hate the game so much!

The Critics
Everybody is a critic! Not really, but these people definitely exist in Game of War Social Media.  They are the ones that will search and search to find something wrong with what you just said and jump all over it like white on rice. This can be a frustrating personality to deal with, as it can go one of two ways. Either their criticism pushes you to prove them wrong or to go back at a problem and find a way to do it better, or it puts you in a place of darkness.
A little constructive criticism can go a long way, but be cautious not to tear each other down in the process. Criticism can either help us improve or discourage us, and a large part of that is how it is given. We have seen this often from the Simon Cowells to the Gordon Ramseys of the World. However, let’s be honest: you can be the best at giving constructive criticism and there will still be people who do not know how to take it.

The Inactive
These people are there, but they do not read the room or interact –at all. I mean, even lurkers interact at times. The inactives are there and may occasionally clear messages but who knows why they are actually there or if they are even still out there somewhere. However, seriously look at Game of War Line Rooms many times the room number is nearing 500 however, out of those 500 people maybe 20 people make up a majority of the conversation.
The best thing is when an inactive user decides to leave a room, and they post their farewell and see their way out the door. This leaves all active users scratching their head wondering who in the world that person was.

The Couple
Okay, once again, let’s be honest. We all know that Game of War couples exist. Spending so much time as a community, this is bound to happen. There are five years of history between some of the players, and actual successful real-life relationships have come out of these couplings.
However, there is always that one Game of War Couple. Everyone knows they are a couple because of the excessive amount of chat PDA. Sweetie, if you want to tell him that you will call him soon or tell him about your day, they invented something called Private Messages… please learn how to use it. And we really do not want to hear you call her Honey Boo-Boo 20 million times. This is when the gag emojis start populating chat.

The Room Geek
I actually love the Nerds and Geeks of Game of War. These are the people that get into all of the mathematics and science behind the game. They are some of the best players, but at times they are too smart for their own good.
These are the people in the room who are throwing out abbreviations and numbers and mathematical stuff and leave the rest of the room (especially the newbs) feeling like they just witnessed a conversation in a different language. Sometimes the Geeks and Nerds of the rooms need a translator — thought, if you ask them nicely, they may translate for you!

The Room Clown
Oh my, I do not even know where to start with this one. The room clown, much like a class clown, can be a lot of fun. This is the jokester of the room who always has a funny meme or a smart-aleck comment to make in response to just about everything. They enjoy stretching their comedic flair, but unfortunately at times they can take it a little too far.
While this person can be a lot of fun, if it goes too far it can quickly go from funny to troll, and then no one is happy.

The Room Police
Guilty as charged! These are our room monitors. The people who make sure that the room is running smoothly and all individuals within are abiding by the rules set forth. Believe me, this is not always an easy role, and it is very easy to anger people when you tell them their meme is unwelcome in the room. However, this is a role that needs to be fulfilled in order to be sure that the community has places they can go to get information and not be overrun by off-topic chatter (there are rooms for that).

The Info Provider
Guilty as charged (again)! These people are there to provide information for Game of War players of all types. They seek validation through chat in some form, in that they want to be recognized as a credible source of information. However, while some people give great advice (we at Realtips like to count ourselves among that population), others should not be giving game advice.
There have been times where I have found myself going, WHAT?, upon seeing advice given within chat. While there are many knowledgeable players out there be cautious about who you take advice from and do not build your accounts on glitches!

That’s all for today! There are so many personalities in the Game of War Community, whether you find them in-game or on social media. We have fun interacting with all of you in both places. If you are not already in our social media rooms, you should definitely be sure to join us for great conversation and strategy tips on the go.
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Dragonville Trapping

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Welcome to the Dragon War Dimension. Or, as many call it, Downstairs, Toothless, Dragonville and more! Players have been having some fun in this dimension and it has brought a new level of strategy to the playing field.
The “Toothless” Dimension is a favorite for many players as it reminds us of old school Game of War. Along with it, we have so many possibilities when it comes to trapping. Today, we will be covering trapping in Dragonville and some of the basics regarding trapping. Many players have frequently asked questions when it comes to trapping and we will aim to cover all of those here.
Trapping 101
Welcome to Trapping 101. For a long time trapping has been unique, and a long time ago power became irrelevant to some degree in trapping. However, it is relevant when it comes to trapping in the Dragon Dimension. So there are some basic things you need to know before you start building in this realm.

Power is relevant in the world of trapping again, so there are some basic things you will want to watch that will give you a lot of power when you are trying to stay low power.

Hero Level – Hero Levels give a lot of power: at level 40, your total hero power will equal 2.03 million.
Empire Quests – Collecting Empire Quests will give a ton of power. Before you know it, you can have millions in power just from quests. So while at times the rewards can be tempting, this is something you will want to be cautious about.
Research – Carefully plan out what research you want and need to complete. Research gives added power, so if it is not necessary, do not do it.
Cinder’s Research Tip: Rewards Research does not give any added power. 
Buildings – Buildings are another thing that add power, so be wise with building levels and outer buildings. If you can’t produce enough for it to be worth it anyway, then there really is no need to have 20 farms, and they will just increase your power.
Watch your Hospitals – If you want to use hospitals in your build, keep a close eye on them. At level 20, a hospital will give 20-million-plus Hero XP. This will jump your hero level quickly, and cause an increase in power. If you want to use hospitals in your build, consider keeping them lower then level 20.

Know how you want to trap.

Low-level trap – This is a trap that is a low level with low research and power, but high troop levels. This level trap will not be able to fight off high-level attackers, but is a good point scorer when being hit by low level attackers during KvK events.
High-level trap – This is a trap that wants to build to cap the big kids. They will build until they are able to take on the max players of the Dragon World.
Solo Trap – Do you want to take only solos and run from rallies? This will enable you to remain at a lower level; however, be cautious of being caught away with your shield down when a rally hits.
Rally Trap – Rally traps can take solos and rallies. These will be larger accounts and may not get as many hits, but rally trapping is always exciting!
Get Creative – These are some of the more common ways to trap, but don’t be scared to get creative! The sky is the limit, and if it works, there is nothing wrong with it.

Know what stats you need and where you will need to get them from.

The Science of Trapping
Trapping involves some science, as we like to call it. There are some basic stats that you will need to focus in on in the Dragon Realm, and many of these are similar to stats we have previously seen in Game of War. Each stat has its own unique role in trapping, and there is a science to building in a manner that works for you.
Common Trap Problems and How to Fix Them
Problem: I can kill off my attacker’s march, but I am still burning and losing.
Solution: Look at your Defense stats and Health stats. When looking at stats in trapping, Defense will help you to be able to lose fewer troops and win. There are a few places you can get Defense, including Research, Gear (Sentinel’s Gear is a good place to look), Gems, and Villas (Level 10 and up). Health stats can be found in Research, Hero, Gear, and Gems. If you are struggling to find more defense stats then look into adding more troops.
Problem: I win, but I cannot cap my attacker’s Hero.
Solution: In this case, you are struggling to kill off your attacker’s march. You need more Attack Stats. Attack is what helps your troops kill off your attacker’s march. So while many traps just focus on defense, this will leave you lacking. Some of the places to find Attack in the game are Research, Gear (check our Arbiter’s Gear), Gems, and Hero Abilities. Once again, if you can’t add more attack, consider adding more troops.
Problem: What troops should I use?
Solution: Unfortunately, there is a myth out there that certain troops tiers are inherently bad and T2 will send you up in flames like kindling. This is not the case. While that does not mean you should go out there and spam-build T1 traps, it does open up the board for discussion when it comes to this. We will explore troops more below.
Troop Science
We had some help from our friend Cheminem, who compiled the following information! We thank him so much for the time and effort he put into testing to help benefit the community.
Chem took some time to test the different troops. Since we are going to do a little science, we will look at this like a science experiment.
Purpose: To see the differences using different Troop tiers for defense.
Hypothesis: Different Troops will react differently based on their tier to an attack.
Method: In order to control the results of the test, the troop power remained the same for each test. Each defense used 70k power’s worth of troops for each tier. Troops were put in an encampment, and then attacked to see how they would react to each individual attack.
Discussion: You can see from the chart above that with each Tier there were differences. For example, switching from T1 to T2 meat reduced losses by a significant amount. In addition, the number of kills went up significantly as troop tiers increased. This means that if you have two traps and both are identical in power, but one is all T1 and one is all T2, the T2 trap will kill even more of the attacker’s march. This information will become more and more significant as players open more troop tiers. Looking at this data, what tier troop would you choose to use?
What does this mean in Non-Chem Geek Speak? There are different factors that we will need to look at here, but if you look at it from a purely mathematical perspective, it makes sense to use the highest tier you have. However, looking at trapping as an art will make us question this, as players with a higher level account may get a reduced number of hits. While you can use lower tiers, you will have to amass more of these to be able to be more effective. It is clear that as troop tier increases, you can kill more of your attacker’s march and reduce your own losses.
Dragon Science
Unfortunately, there is currently not a lot of science concerning the Dragon. Currently, your best bet as a trap is to get your Dragon out of the way. Whether that means you ghost rally it or send it to raze an inactive account, you do not want to take hits with your Dragon home. If you have not yet hatched your Dragon, I would recommend not doing so.
Example Set-Ups
As mentioned previously, there are different setups you can use when building your trap. Below, we will give some examples of successful setups. Thank you to those provided me with reports and information surrounding their setup!!
Setup 1
This is actually my own setup. My account is a SH 10 with low research and high troop count. I have focused on a combination of defense and attack stats. My account is built to be hit by solos coming from small attackers, and is quite effective in taking these hits. However, being a small T2 trap, it is not very effective against larger attackers and will burn quite freely to a T4 hit. Here is an example of a successful defense.

Setup 2
The next setup belongs to HungryStick from D:V. He is SH 20 with high research and troop power. As he is well-known in his kingdom, he does not get many hits there, but he does well in KvK events. He uses T3 to defend and can successfully defend against larger attackers.

Setup 3
Our final example setup is from FinsUp in D:V. He has been building to be able to take rallies from large players. He is running a mix of T2 and T3 troops. He gave us some of his reports and we pulled one where he was soloed by a max player.
Wrapping it Up
Trapping is something very unique to the individual. Being able to take a hit and successfully defend is not always easy but when you are able to be successful it is a blast. Trapping is a bond that many Game of War players share in our sub-community. We have shared some of the science behind it here today, but there are so many more avenues to explore in trapping in the Dragon Realm. What is your favorite part of trapping? Comment below!
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