Google Reveals Its New Gaming Platform Stadia

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There has been a lot of controversies recently about Google releasing their own console platform. Today, Google unveiled that the rumors were true. Revealing the highly-anticipated gaming console, Stadia.

The catch, however, is its not a console at all. But an all-new digital system that you can access from a lot of the devices you already own. Play on your Google Pixel, Tablet, and your PC.

While you can buy hardware for Stadia, this is completely optional. The Stadia system is completely online via streaming.


The announced controller looks great. With a sleek design, much like the PlayStation 4 controller. The Stadia controller features a share button built into the controller. That you can use while gaming to stream straight to any streaming platform. It also has a built-in mic you can use for certain commands. Both on the streaming platform and also in certain games

Google Stadia Controller

Googles Stadia platform will release with Doom Eternal. The next installment for the popular Doom series. Which will surely stress test Stadia’s streaming performance. But if anyone can successfully pull off a AAA game launch, it’s Google. Stadia is expected to release in 2019.

Doom Eternal on Stadia

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Apex Legends Season 1 Begins: Battle pass Info New Legend (UPDATED)

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The pass can be purchased at any time during the first season, and rewards will automatically unlock up to your current seasonal level, so you won’t miss out on anything if you’re late to the party. The Battle Pass Bundle will unlock the rewards for 25 levels beyond your current level, so if you’re on level 20 when you purchase it, for instance, you’ll be given all the rewards up to level 45.

The Battle Pass will go for

950 Apex coins on its own—about $10—

or in a Battle Pass Bundle for 2800 Apex coins that catapults you to level 25 from the start.

Purchasing the pass will immediately unlock the Lifelife Revolutionary, Wraith Survivor, and Mirage Outlaw skins, and as pass owners advance in levels through the season they’ll earn rewards including player and weapon skins, trackers, and badges. It doesn’t appear that weekly challenges are a part of the deal. More than 100 items are up for grabs, and everything earned during the first season is yours to keep.   

Welcome to the Wild Frontier! from apexlegends

All players, with or without the Battle Pass, can earn a Wild Frontier character skin, five Apex Packs, and 18 Wild Frontier stat tracks simply by playing during season 1, and the Battle Pass reward items can also be earned by players who don’t have the pass, just at a far slower pace. (Remember, Apex Packs stop dropping at every level once you hit level 20, so you’re probably not going to grind all of this stuff out without help.) 

EA confirmed in a more in-depth blog post that season 1 loot will not be tied to in-game challenges like, say, doing “a 720 backflip off of Watchtower Artemis and get two Wingman headshots before hitting the ground.” That sort of thing may be incorporated into future Battle Passes, but for season 1 it wants to keep the focus on playing and learning the game. 

Players can earn a Battle Pass progression bonus, however, by playing a variety of different characters, rather than focusing on one or two, “because we believe true mastery in Apex Legends means being a badass with anyone in any situation at any time,” lead product manager Lee Horn wrote.   

“We’ve tried to create a Battle Pass where first-time spenders can get a strong base of weapon and character cosmetics to fill out their initial collection at a deep discount. In addition, we’ve included our first ever three-stage evolving Legendary Havoc weapon skin (for veterans who are looking for the new hotness), as well as Epic and Legendary Apex Packs.”  

Horn ran down the full list of rewards available in the Battle Pass in a post on Reddit: 

 1000 Apex Coins (these can be put toward the next Battle Pass if you like)Apex’s first ever 3-stage Evolving Legendary Weapon Skin (Havoc)Exclusive Epic PDW weapon skinLegendary Apex Pack with Guaranteed 1+ LegendaryEpic Apex Pack with Guaranteed 1+ Epic5 standard Apex Packs3 Legend skins20 exclusive rare weapon skins9 exclusive banner frames9 exclusive intro quips9 exclusive seasonal stat trackersExclusive badges, Battle Pass boosts and more!

He also clarified in a separate post that player and Battle Pass levels “are completely independent and don’t impact each other.” Battle Pass level will reset at the end of each season, but the player level will not. 

A full list of rewards and other details can be had at
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Iconic Simpsons episode that features Michael Jackson will be removed because of Leaving Neverland Documentary

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Simpsons Producers confirmed that the Episode Stark Raving Dad. Will be removed from all future boxsets and re-runs aired on TV.

The Simpsons episode was created back in just the third season for the widely successful show. It was aired in 1991 and featured the voice of Michael Jackson as Leon Kompowsky. Homer meets this man in a mental institution who believes hes an actual pop superstar.

Michael Jackson was a huge fan of the Simpsons. So he was happy to voice the character Leon for this episode. A voice double was used for any singing scenes however.

The Simpsons episode Stark Raving Dad was one of the shows most influential and recognized episode of its time.

Stark Raving Dad – Simpsons

However, in the wake of the troubling documentary Leaving Neverland – that was recently released. Creator Matt Groening and Executive Producer Jamers L Brooks. Have decided that its best to pull the episode for the forseeable future.

This was a treasured episode. There are a lot of great memories we have wrapped up in that one, and this certainly doesn’t allow them to remain.
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Pewdiepie responds to Mass Shooting after gunman mentions his name

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Famous YouTuber PewDiePie had shockingly been mentioned by one of the Gunman at the Mass Shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The horrific attack on two mosques only just took place yesterday. Which has left at least 50 people dead and more being confirmed as reports roll in.

PewDiePie has been in a long YouTube battle with another YouTuber named T-Series. In which the target is to spread the word to “Subscribe to PewDiePie”. Funny enough, has even had Pornstars telling people to subscribe. Which had unwillingly embroiled in the attack in Christchurch.

The event was live-streamed by one of the gunman as the horrific scenes took place. One of the shooters had uttered the words to Subscribe to PewDiePie before the shooting unfolded in the first mosque.

YouTube star PewDiePie issued a statement over Twitter denouncing the attack.

Just heard news of the devastating reports from New Zealand Christchurch. I feel absolutely sickened having my name uttered by this person. My heart and thoughts go out to the victims, families and everyone affected by this tragedy. PewDiePie

Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, issued a statement on the horrific event.

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New Zealand Prime Minister – 1 News

We have undoubtedly experienced an attack today that is unprecedented, unlike anything that we have experienced before. But, as I say, New Zealand has been chosen because we are not a place where violent extremism exists. We reject those notions and we must continue to reject them. This is not an enclave for that kind of behavior, for that kind of ideology. We will and must reject it. This is a place where people should feel secure and will feel secure. I am not going to let this change New Zealand’s profile, none of us should.Jacinda Ardern – NZ Prime Minister
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Even pornstars are telling people to Subscribe To PewDiePie

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few months. You’d have come across the hilarious ongoing battle between PewDiePie and T-Series.

What started out as a joke has become a massive iconic saying. Just surfing the web you’re bound to come across people in the comments section telling people to “Subscribe to PewDiePie”.

It has reportedly been seen on numerous media outlets, tweets from Celebrities, and even in Times Square.

Subscribe To PewDiePie

As a joke, people started to post videos on Pornhub of PewDiePie with titles suggesting to Subscribe. But has now caught on by numerous Pornstars such as Melina Mason and Miha Nika. Who, have been mentioning his name during their videos and telling their audience to Subscribe to PewDiePie.

When will this battle between PewDiePie and T-Series end? Who knows. But why would we ever want it too? Subscribe to PewDiePie!
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Battlefield V FIRESTORM – New battle royale Release Date and Trailer

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Battlefield V long-awaited battle royale mode, Firestorm, may have been on the rumour for a while now, but it’s actually finally nearly here.

Sharing the first official trailer on Twitter, DICE writes: “Firestorm drops March 25! Helicopters, Tractors and one big ring of fire awaits.”

Battlefield 5 launched last year and it was well-known the game would release with the intention of a battle royale mode coming in spring 2019.

Firestorm drops March 25! Helicopters, Tractors and one big ring of fire awaits.— DICE (@EA_DICE) March 14, 2019

The World War 2-set battle royale is due to release March 25 2019

From the trailer and the leaked footage, it looks like we’re going to be getting a really solid BR game. But will it be enough to pull back fans of Battlefield 5?
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Gearbox Drops Massive Hint That ‘Borderlands 3’ Will Be Revealed Soon

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Developers of the Borderlands series, Gearbox. Has announced they’ll be holding an event at the PAX East show in Boston. With this announcement comes what we’ve all been anxiously waiting for – news on Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 has been on the wish list for many of us fans for awhile now. So this event is going to be a major win. The official description of the event details.

“This is your opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at Gearbox Software and Gearbox Publishing, along with the latest news and updates from the makers of Borderlands, Battleborn, Brothers in Arms, and more! We will have never-before-seen reveals, exclusives, and surprises, so don’t miss out!”

We already know 2K is developing a new game for one of its biggest franchises. Which would be either Battleborn, or the Borderlands series. But let’s be honest, Battleborn is not a major franchise compared to Borderlands.

With the direction, developers are now going. With numerous Battle Royale games releasing to cash in on the current popularity. A Battleborn Royale wouldn’t be that surprising. The characters are interesting and the lore behind it could make for a successful game. But do we really need another Battle Royale? Probably not.

Borderlands 3 to be announced at PAX East

Borderlands is yet to make its much-anticipated return. Borderlands 3 is on the wishlist for many gamers. With the explosive gameplay and loot system. Borderlands is unique in its own way. We’re all on the edge of our seats to dive back into the world of Pandora.

Has the Borderlands series expired its time in the spotlight? Or will it make an explosive return? Share your thoughts.
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APEX LEGENDS PATCH NOTES: New Hero Details And Battle Pass [LIVE]

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Respawn Entertainment has been teasing its future plans for Apex Legends for a while now, but there’s one thing we all want to know more about – the game’s battle pass.

According to a report from DailyEsports, we could be getting the battle pass as early as next week, as it’s claimed that a source presumedly close to Respawn has stated it’s due on March 12. DailyEsports writes:

Our source stated that they are confident in a March 12 release date for the game’s first Battle Pass. ‘The Battle pass will not be purchasable with coins, and will be a static item in the shop.’ they added. DailyEsports

Data miner @ApexGameInfo believes that even Respawn doesn’t know when it wants to launch the battle pass, even going so far as to brand the source as “fake.” However, it all just seems to be guessing games, with even the leakers making mistakes.

Info right now on the battlepass– There will be a free one & an paid one – There is currently no date (Even the devs don’t know when to release it)– It will probably most likely feature all cosmetics (Which means most likely no Apex Coins/Apex Packs)— Apex – Info & Leaks (@ApexGameInfo) March 5, 2019

Well here’s the things I see about this – He is faking it– Under an huge coincidence the devs decide to release it on March 12(Most likely he is faking it since there is absolutely NOTHING anywhere which says an release date)— Apex – Info & Leaks (@ApexGameInfo) March 5, 2019

Live Balance Update live on all platforms – let’s talk about meta from apexlegends

Whether we get the battle pass next week or not remains to be seen, but hopefully we’ll start to see new content added into Apex Legends sooner rather than later. We’re still expecting lots of new additions, including a brand-new character supposedly known as Octane.
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Apex Legends: Hitbox Changes & Information

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Current hit box information:

Wraith – 33 square cmLifeline – 37 square cm – 12% increaseBloodhound – 37 square cm – 12% increaseMirage – 44 square cm – 33% increaseBangalore – 44 square cm – 33% increasePathfinder – 63 square cm – 90% increaseCaustic – 68 square cm – 105% increaseGibraltar – 79 square cm – 140% increase

As indicated by very observational fanatics of the game, the hitbox regions for each character in Apex Legends can be amazingly off, or if nothing else unreasonable. These fans have worked out that Wraith has the littlest hitbox, at only 33 square centimeters.

While each character is greater than wraith, Lifeline and Bloodhound have just a 12% hitbox increment, though Pathfinder and Caustic are around twice as expansive – and poor Gibraltar players need to endure a hitbox that is an incredible 140% bigger than Wraith’s, at 79 square centimeters. He’s essentially much easier to hit than some other character.

Apex Legends hitbox information

The original fan to see these hitbox issues was YouTuber SookieSpy, who posted a video titled ‘Apex Legends – Hitbox Issues’, where he runs down the issues with a portion of the characters. While Legends like Wraith and Bloodhound have quite tight hitboxes, so you can shoot entirely near their character model and they won’t get hit, others aren’t so fortunate. Pathfinder, for instance, Sookiespy had the capacity to shoot in spite of pointing in noteworthy holes – such between his legs.

What has Respawn said about this?

Luckily, Respawn has observed these issues. In the present ‘Respawn Check-In’ community update, posted on Reddit, the group guarantee to investigate the issue. “We know about the criticism around the hitbox contrasts between characters,” the refresh peruses. “This is an area that unquestionably needs improvement and we will address it later on.”

In any case on when or on the off chance that it is fixed, this issue most likely won’t prevent Apex Legends from proceeding to increment in notoriety. The player tally has since a long time ago passed 25 million, with two million simultaneous players, and that was two weeks prior. We actually believe it’s the best fight royale diversion around. Nonetheless, we trust you’ll excuse us in the event that we don’t play Gibraltar again for some time.
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A Strange Sale!

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Cypher System, meet The Strange The Strange is MCG’s roleplaying game that sends you exploring limited alternate dimensions—recursions—based on human myth and fiction. The setting of your favorite novel or movie. Asgard.
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