Is God of War on Netflix with Jason Momoa a thing?

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God of War recently released on PS4 with huge success. A surprise God of War Netflix series would be a great decision. With all the hype surrounding the franchise at the moment. The latest God of War 4 received plenty of perfect scores. All in good reason too. It’s one of those games that define a generation. A lot of rumors surrounding God of War on Netflix have been spread around the web. Such as Jason Momoa wanting to play Kratos in the God of War tv series. We’ve combed through these rumors to find out whats really happening.
God of War on Netflix
There is, in fact, a God of War already on Netflix. However, It isn’t a tv series. The God of War movie is a Chinese film. Based on a Japanese Samurai who engaged in piracy. It follows Chinese Generals, Yu Dayou and Qi Jiguang. As they strategize to defeat the pirate samurai. Although it’s not the God of War Kratos we all love. It is rather a decent movie we recommend watching.
As for the Sony-owned, God Of War Franchise. There is not yet any word on a tv series in production. All in a matter of time though. The God of War franchise is going extremely well. Some say God of War 4 is a new beginning to a saga for the series. The next few games are already plotted out. A Netflix tv series would be a huge step forward in getting Kratos on the big screen.
Will Jason Momoa star as Kratos in God of War Netflix series
This is a huge rumor that has been going around for years. We have covered this previously if you’d like to know more details. The whole rumor of Jason Momoa playing Kratos in God of War on Netflix. Came about in an interview with tbreakTV at Comic-Con. Jason was asked if he would be willing to play Kratos. To which he replied hell yeah to being Kratos.
However, This was years back. Before God of War 4 was even in development. So there really is no truth to the rumor, at least not yet. Safe to say though, Jason Momoa would be a perfect fit for the role of Kratos. A photoshopped image of Jason as Kratos has been making rounds on the internet. Stating that God of War on Netflix will be coming July 15. Unfortunately, this is completely false. Although a good one at that. Which would be awesome if it was real!

So although Netflix has no plans on a God of War series just yet. With how enthusiastic we all are on there being on. It’s only a matter of time before Netflix gives in to a God of War tv series.
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Fallout 76 MAJOR announcement coming soon! Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo Switch owners could be in for a real treat, as Fallout 76 could be ported to the console.
Panic Button co-founder, Adam Creighton. Recently announced that they will be porting another “major title” next month. Fallout fans are hoping that Fallout 76 is next. Some of Panic Button’s previous ports include Wolfenstein 2 and Doom.
Fallout 76 REVEALED
Bethesda reveals a new game, but it’s not Fallout 5 or New Vegas 2
New Fallout 76 details were revealed at E3’s conferences. Bethesda really is swimming in new depths. Some intriguing features not seen in previous Fallout games include free updates and microtransactions.
Each “session” in Fallout online will allow up to 24 players to play together at once. Which sounds awfully familiar to GTA Online.

Fallout 76 – the latest in the Fallout series – has been revealed by Bethesda.
The announcement came as a huge surprise to fans of the series. Many expected a sequel such as Fallout 5 or New Vegas 2. Most of all, even more, surprising is a November release this year. Fallout 5 is coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4 in November.
The upcoming online survival game was also confirmed to have a pre-release beta. This is only open to a select few and those that pre-order the game.
Fallout 76 will be completely online. However, Todd Howard was quick to confirm that a solo experience is also available. Play with your friends or meet strangers online. Although the player count for each game won’t be high numbers. Players can buddy up and build their own bases. Consequently, you must watch for troubling players and also local wildlife. Nuclear Weapons are also available to players so watch who you trust.

Building in Fallout 76 is a new experience for the series
Bethesda reveals the C.A.M.P – Construction Assembly Mobile Platform
Bethesda revealed C.A.M.P in a recent announcement. Build where you want and move it freely. The perfect way for you and your friends to make an impromptu home. This will definitely create a whole new gameplay experience. In addition, you also need to eat and drink regularly.
See you in the Fallout world in November on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.
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Battlefield 5 PC system requirements and specifications

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Recently, Battlefield 5 PC system requirements were leaked. The specs were posted on Electronic Art’s Origin service. however, shortly after had been removed. Luckily we were able to track them down before they had been taken down.
Last week, Electronic Arts and DICE unveiled Battlefield 5 at their reveal event. Teasing details and what Battlefield 5 will entice. In spite of EA’s reputation in the past. The publishers revealed an unprecedented decision in the history of the Battlefield franchise. Not only will Battlefield 5 contain no premium pass this time around. Electronic Arts promise there will be no loot boxes in Battlefield 5. A huge step for the franchise.

Following the latest trend, Battlefield 5 will also feature a Battle Royal mode. Fans of the franchise have been responding with very mixed opinions on the news. Ever since Fortnite and PUBG’s huge success. An abundance of Battle Royale games has been popping up. It seems the big guns in gaming are definitely wanting in on the market.
Battlefield 5 PC system requirements and specs
Now, the PC system requirements stated here may be slightly inaccurate. Due to DICE removing them from the Electronic Arts Origin service so quickly. This may be for DICE to finalize a few finishing details and tweaks of the game.
The recommended PC specs are still unknown. However, if your PC rig has these minimum requirements. You can be confident that Battlefield 5 will run smoothly on your PC.

Operating System: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10
Processor (Intel): Core i5 6600K
Processor (AMD): AMD FX-6350
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics card (Nvidia): Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB
Graphics card (AMD): AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB
DirectX: 11.0 Compatible video card or equivalent
Online connection requirements: 512 KBPS or faster Internet connection
Hard-drive space: 50GB

Battlefield 5 PC minimum requirements are surprisingly modest. Given how detailed the announcement trailer looked. The final specifications are yet to be released. However, its safe to say the difference wont be significant.

Battlefield 5 is set to launch on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 October 19.
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