Extra Life: Monte Cook Games Streams for Charity

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On Extra Life weekend (November 2nd–4th), we’re playing and hosting Twitch streams of MCG games and games of our community members. Let’s come together to play games and help kids! How It Works Extra Life is a fundraising and gaming marathon to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.
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Cypher Chronicles, vol. 40-2018

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Cypher Chronicles, vol. 38-2018

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Your Best Game Ever We want every game to be your best game ever, and speaking of such, you’ve got to check out this gem of a story from Bruce (from 2014). What is Your Best Game Ever? As we’ve said, it’s not a rule book, but a tool book.
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PlayStation Classic is a high powered version of the PS1, with 20 games installed.

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Previously at the start of this year, Sony was contemplating recreating a PlayStation Classic console. After the overwhelmingly positive response, Nintendo received for the NES and SNES minis. Which was a smaller, more powerful version of the originally released Nintendo systems. With a great library of games already installed to choose from.
It now looks like Sony has followed suit. The official PlayStation Classic was announced today. With an expected official release date of December 3rd, 2018. The price is still being debated. But estimated to be around the $99.99 USD range.
The new PlayStation Classic features 20 installed original PlayStation Games. Some of these titles include Final Fantasy 7, Tekken 3 and Jumping Flash. However, more are likely to be revealed closer to the release date. Many fans are hoping the PlayStation Classic to come with childhood favorites. Such as Crash Bandicoot and Metal Gear Solid.
Another plus to picking up the new PlayStation console. Is the actual size being 45% smaller than the original PlayStation 1. equipt with an HDMI port for high-definition gaming. Great for your beloved old school games. The console comes with two original PlayStation controllers. Fortunately, the memory card system is already built into the console.
Will you be picking up the all-new PlayStation classic and re-live your childhood?

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New Lord Of The Rings MMO is in development by Athlon Games

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Developers Athlon Games have announced they are working on a Lord Of The Rings MMO. Using the LOTR IP to produce a new free to play MMO game. The studio is still relatively new but is partnered with Middle-earth Enterprises. The company currently holding the Lord Of The Rings IP.
The Lord Of The Rings MMO game is currently in the early stages of development. With no official name announced just yet. However, it has been officially announced by Athlon Games. The setting will, of course, be in the world of Middle-earth. But, long before the events of the Lord Of The Rings tv series.
A new Lord Of The Rings setting.
A huge plus to the game’s development is moving away from the usual LOTR setting. While we will miss our beloved Bilbo and friends. It gives Athlon Games and Middle-earth a chance to portray a fresh new-feeling world. Showing never before seen landscapes, characters, and stories. Which may be a breath of fresh air to those who have become accustomed to the usual plot. With the Lord Of The Rings having amassed six Hollywood movies.
There’s already the LOTRO, why another MMO?
So where is this coming from? We already have a Lord Of The Rings MMO. Which is still going strong for over 10 years now. The last Hobbit movie was also released four years ago. Shadow of Mordor may be a big reason to Athlon Games sudden interest in the Lord Of The Rings IP. Shadow of Mordor and its sequel, Shadow of War are both huge successes. Despite its controversy over in-game purchases. These were however scrapped and a definitive edition with DLC was released.
Athlon Games is very new to the scene, as it was only launched May 2018 by Leyou. The parent company Leyou, however, has a long running of successful games in the industry. Including Warframe, Wolfenstein and Splash Damage.
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MCG on End-of-Summer Break

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2018 has been very exciting so far! Invisible Sun, Numenera Discovery, and Numenera Destiny are all in fulfillment and being played around the world. We started a Twitch channel.
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Fallout 76 Will Never Be An Offline Game Says Bethesda

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Bethesda is creating Fallout 76 into an online-centric world game. Which, unfortunately, has caused quite a stir to the huge single player fan base. Who have grown accustomed to the offline story-driven worlds Bethesda has created. However, there are many players excited by the possibilities Bethesda can bring to an online Fallout game.
Bethesda focuses Fallout 76 as a social-oriented game
Fallout 76 will be an “always online” game. Which is relatively uncharted territory for Bethesda. Excluding the highly skeptical Elder Scrolls Online. the huge focus on a social-oriented Fallout world is troubling to some. Many fans are concerned at the direction Bethesda is taking the series. However, the developers have assured that this doesn’t mark the future for their successful titles. On the other hand, a Fallout online world is what many have wished for a long time.
Will Fallout 76 be Offline?
While the title will be getting single player servers after launch. The online aspect of Fallout 76 will always be there. Pete Hines from Bethesda confirmed that, being a server-based game. However, Fallout 76 is never going to drop its online nature.
While no Fallout 76 beta date has been announced. Other than being confirmed as simply October sometime. There’s a lot of confusion on the nature of how the beta will actually work. Pete Hines also explained that Bethesda will soon confirm the final dates. As they’re confident of when Fallout 76 will go online for the Beta.

One thing we do know for sure. Players progress in the Fallout 76 beta will carry over to the final release. Which makes beta all the more worthwhile to get ahead of the pack. Additionally, the Fallout 76 beta will not be available on Steam. PC players will have to obtain it exclusively from the official Bethesda website. Fallout 76 launches on November 14th on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.
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Darksiders 3 trailer shows off Fury’s new abilities and gameplay

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More details on Darksiders 3 Fury have been surfacing lately
News and gameplay of Darksiders 3 have become more and more frequent recently. With Darksiders 3 soon to be released. Now, the latest update we have from THQ Nordic. Shows our protagonist Fury in action with various new abilities.
Just like the previous games of Darksiders. Players will have an open-ended world to explore. Filled to the brim with content such as Dungeons and Secrets. Fury’s arsenal consists of a mythical whip and multiple magic abilities. Not only for combat but for navigating the massive open-world.
Each form or power set will come with their own upgrade trees. As standard as most RPG’s come. With every power set having each unique skills and playstyles.
Firstly, Fury has a fantastic Flame form. Which is one of the many forms she can assume in the game. The ability shows off new flame fuelled options for combat. Not only that, the Flame form can be used to traverse the game’s world. Take a look at the recently released trailer of Darksiders 3 Fury.

Darksiders 3 will soon be upon us. the official release date is November 27, 2018. Available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.
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Persona 6 confirmed in planning by Atlus. Releasing sooner than we think

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Persona 6 could be sooner than we think!
We could be getting our hands on Persona 6 sooner than we think. With the huge success of the latest incredible Persona game. It’s to no surprise that Atlus is working on Persona 6 and much more for the series.
We already know that Atlus is working on spin-off games. Such as Persona 3, Persona 5 Dancing Star Night and Persona Q2. Which will, no doubt, be just as amazing as the original installments of Persona.
Many more Persona games on the way!
In a recent interview with Dengeki PlayStation. Game developer at Atlus, Kazuhisa Wada. Said that Atlus has already begun working on new Persona games. One of which is the next numbered entry, Persona 6. Many more Persona collaborations will also be on the table.
“We are working on mid-to-long term plan, including new numbered entries, so that fans can continue to enjoy the Persona series this year.”

Arc Systems Works was in collaboration with Atlus. To develop Persona’s Arena games. With how successful Persona 5 was. There’s a high chance an arena version of the game is on its way too.
For now, though, all we can do is speculate what Persona 6 may entail. At least until then. We have many fantastic Persona games to power through.
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Is God of War on Netflix with Jason Momoa a thing?

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God of War recently released on PS4 with huge success. A surprise God of War Netflix series would be a great decision. With all the hype surrounding the franchise at the moment. The latest God of War 4 received plenty of perfect scores. All in good reason too. It’s one of those games that define a generation. A lot of rumors surrounding God of War on Netflix have been spread around the web. Such as Jason Momoa wanting to play Kratos in the God of War tv series. We’ve combed through these rumors to find out whats really happening.
God of War on Netflix
There is, in fact, a God of War already on Netflix. However, It isn’t a tv series. The God of War movie is a Chinese film. Based on a Japanese Samurai who engaged in piracy. It follows Chinese Generals, Yu Dayou and Qi Jiguang. As they strategize to defeat the pirate samurai. Although it’s not the God of War Kratos we all love. It is rather a decent movie we recommend watching.
As for the Sony-owned, God Of War Franchise. There is not yet any word on a tv series in production. All in a matter of time though. The God of War franchise is going extremely well. Some say God of War 4 is a new beginning to a saga for the series. The next few games are already plotted out. A Netflix tv series would be a huge step forward in getting Kratos on the big screen.
Will Jason Momoa star as Kratos in God of War Netflix series
This is a huge rumor that has been going around for years. We have covered this previously if you’d like to know more details. The whole rumor of Jason Momoa playing Kratos in God of War on Netflix. Came about in an interview with tbreakTV at Comic-Con. Jason was asked if he would be willing to play Kratos. To which he replied hell yeah to being Kratos.
However, This was years back. Before God of War 4 was even in development. So there really is no truth to the rumor, at least not yet. Safe to say though, Jason Momoa would be a perfect fit for the role of Kratos. A photoshopped image of Jason as Kratos has been making rounds on the internet. Stating that God of War on Netflix will be coming July 15. Unfortunately, this is completely false. Although a good one at that. Which would be awesome if it was real!

So although Netflix has no plans on a God of War series just yet. With how enthusiastic we all are on there being on. It’s only a matter of time before Netflix gives in to a God of War tv series.
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