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Player Spotlight: KUSHQU33N

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It has been a spooky October and we are going to end the month with our monthly player profile. This month we spent some time talking to a player who has been playing for a while but not quite as long as some of the players we have looked at so far.
If you have missed any of our past Player Spotlights you’ll definitely want to go back and take a look at them. Some of my favorite things to do are to spend time talking to these players and getting to know them. I hope that you are enjoying it as well!
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For this installment, we spoke with KUSHQU33N. We definitely don’t want to forget the ladies and the power that many women bring to the game. So let’s take a break and get to know one of our female warriors.
Becoming KUSHQU33N
Meet KUSHQU33N. KUSHQU33N is a member of ~WLD and has been playing Game of War for about three years. While she came to the game a little later, she has had fun catching up and getting to know the game. She has a thirst to know more and be better in her gameplay which is essential for any Game of War Player. In the time she has played, like every Game of War player, she has learned and she has grown. However, each of us has our own beginnings.
KUSHQU33N started playing in Kingdom 849 and ended up in Kingdom 2 after a merger. She spent her time while playing as a Lead. She would solo players on a daily basis. KUSHQU33N’s early days of playing helped lead to her becoming the player she is today as well.
When the Dragon War Dimension was released she stopped playing in the Demigod Dimension. Her focus has been there since the release and she has been able to make new friends there and learn. KUSHQU33N in the few months since Dragon has opened has learned more about Wonder Battle and Rally Leading. This has led to her becoming not only a better Lead but also a filler.
We frequently see KUSHQU33N moving from alliance to alliance to be able to help support allies and friends in the Dragon War Dimension. Some of her greatest accomplishments and losses have occurred in this game space. As we continue to get to know her we will see more about this below.
Thoughts on Dragon War Dimension Versus the Demigod Dimension
Many players have “picked a side” for lack of a better way to put it. Players find themselves gravitating more towards the Dragon War Dimension or the Demigod Dimension. There is nothing wrong with the side you choose as it is player preference. We asked KUSHQU33N to share her thoughts regarding the two.
Honestly, I don’t even play in Demigod anymore. There is too much going on there and it is just too crazy and complicated for me. I prefer the Dragon War Dimension because of the slower pace, and it is not as complex as Demigod. It reminds me of old-school Game of War.
What are you Wearing?
We asked KUSHQU33N what her current Gear of choice is. I mean clothes make the woman right? And the right shoes are to die for! For a little Halloween fun check out the meme below!
KUSHQU33N’s gear choice did not disappoint. Her current gear points directly to the type of player she is and makes me quite jealous (not gonna lie). She is currently sporting Level Six Arbiter gear and an Assassin’s Kunai.
Greatest Accomplishments
We all of things we consider some of our greatest Accomplishments. KUSHQU33N shared some of her favorite accomplishments which have recently centered around her time in the Dragon War Dimension. Some of her favorite wins included opening T4 Troops and Stronghold 30 in the Dragon War Dimension. In addition, seeing ~WLD become the first wonder holders in Dragons Nest (1151).
 Most memorable Win
The burns, the caps, no matter what it is we all have our most memorable wins in Game of War. Some are fresher than others while some are older. However, these are the things that make us smile and remind us why we love the game.
Most memorable win at this time would have to be burning Lord Stark a few days ago. OG Drago from N0== alliance set a rally on him and we filled. Stark only burned because his dragon was home but it was well worth it, seeing him burn and releasing all the heroes he was holding.
Most Memorable Loss
With the wins we also have losses. These losses help us to learn and help us become better players. Just as KUSHQU33N has had some noteworthy wins she has also had some memorable losses.
Ctesse soloed me a month or so after Dragon War Dimension was released. I was sitting in the Wonder and suddenly I was ported out and on fire. After that, I had to shield and build my account more. Then ~WLD and @1CT became friendly and I went on to cap her after asking her for a test right before the first Dragon War Dimension Super Wonder. I worked hard but still doubted myself. I was surprised I did not burn.
Why does KUSHQU33N Play?
We all have our own reasons for playing. For many, these reasons come down to the people we play with. This is no different for KUSHQU33N, she plays for her own reasons but much of them surround the people she has met.
The game is a great outlet for meeting new people and I love playing with all the friends I have made in game.
Best Game of War Memories
We all have different memories of the game and some of those memories will forever stand out. Some of the memories are the moments that leave us with our mouths wide open, going ummmmm… what just happened there? We scratch our heads and sometimes can be very upset. Looking back these memories can often become funny and some of our best Game of War Memories.

During the dragon glitch ( launching a dragon at a SH would zero the player ), LSUGirl attacked me with a dragon during a Wonder battle and zeroed me. Looking back it’s super funny and MZ later replaced all the troops that were killed during that time frame.
KUSHQU33N’s Advice to Players
Everyone has their own take on the game and this leads to some great advice from the players we have had the pleasure of getting to know. We asked KUSHQU33N for her advice to players as well and her advice rings true.
If you get zeroed do not get discouraged. Use your reports from the attacks and come back stronger than before.
We see so many players ready to throw in the towel when they burn or get zeroed. However, the many of the truly great Game of War players know, you are going to get burned and you are going to get zeroed. What matters is what you do afterward. Do you learn from it or do you throw in the towel? The choice is yours.
What are you excited about?
Different things about the game get us all excited. For me, it is the thrill of an incoming attack and wondering what the result will be. For others, it is waiting for the fire to blaze from another player’s Stronghold and for others, it is the joy of a well-built account. We asked KUSHQU33N what she is most excited about in game right now.
Cores were released and I’m super excited to play around with them. I am also really happy we are able to gather different resources now, this gives smaller players a better advantage so that they can grow. In addition, Stronghold 31-40 was released giving 5 marches instead of 4, marches are bigger and so are rally sizes.
Wrapping it Up
Game of War is constantly changing and so are the players and the things we look forward to. It brings us a diverse community of players. Each of these players has their own strengths and their own weaknesses. Each of these players looks forward to different things as they travel their Game of War journey.
Some players we are able to relate to and learn from. Hopefully, as you read our player profiles this is an opportunity you get. We are having a blast getting to know our community and their different play styles and stories. We hope you are too! If you have questions or comments please be sure to leave them before and let us know whose Game of War story you would like to hear next!
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Player Spotlight: Rage

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Welcome to the Game of War Player Spotlight for the month of September. This month for our Player Spotlight, we chose a player that has been around for quite a while and is well-known throughout the community. In previous months, we have spent time talking to some really fun players. If you have missed their spotlights, be sure to go back and read them! Over the last few months, we have heard some great thoughts and advice from these players!
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This month, our player spotlight features Rage! Don’t worry, we will not let him rage too much! Rage is a strong lead and has a lot of knowledge in the game. He has worked to build a strong alliance, and much of this comes from his philosophy of how to treat one’s team. He has some great thoughts for players, so make sure you keep reading and meet this month’s spotlighted player, Rage!
Rage’s Story
Current In-game Name: CM Rage, originally Rage 247
Rage’s Current Alliance: D:V
Rage began playing Game of War four years ago. His original Kingdom was K749, Edia. After years of playing, the name of the Alliance he started in has evaded him (he thinks it may have been Kdz, but is not positive on that). He has some good memories from his early days in K749.
Rage had been in his alliance for about a week when he started messing with some of the big alliances in the kingdom. He talked about how there was a random account in the kingdom named BANDITTO. During this time, one of the bigger alliances, SKL, was calling for a NAP. Rage pretended to be BANDITTO and applied to the alliance and was accepted the next day.
He was there for a few months and did not do much other than slowly building his account up. His account was at about 100 million power when a spinoff of the alliance D:V showed up in the Kingdom. He heard that there was history between a few D:V players and SKL, and that the two alliances hated each other.
Players such as REZZOVER and LBS VAG came over and maxed new accounts. This was back when Four Horseman still worked and Green Colossal was good gear. Rage was zeroed by LBS VAG, and had his hero renamed to “ASS LOVE”… which he has maintained as his heroes name.
Moving to D:V
Even after being zeroed by D:V players, eventually Rage moved over to D:V after they had been in the kingdom for a few months. He at the time was playing the role of a filler, and had made some cores and played with customs, but never led a rally before. Then Zeus came out and Rage decided to start leading rallies.
Rage recalled how it took him an hour to gem it and forever to craft it. He set out to find a target and zeroed a player in monster gear, and then got capped on the next target. He did not know how to hemlock — and hemlocks took 6 hours at the time, if this gives you an idea of how long ago his story as a Lead began.
Rage also got the chance to play during his early days as speeder and filler in StayAlive’s last two Super Wonders, which he really enjoyed. All of these experiences built up to him becoming a rally lead, and gave him a love of cores (you should see this guys core book!).
After around 6 months, Rage was doing Super Wonders and driving accounts for days and leading rallies. There had been a spinoff of D:V in that Kingdom with 2 spenders after some of the other R4 members had left and gone back to main D:V, and it had just died off. Rage asked if he could go over to the main D:V alliance and after about 2 months was made R4 in the main D:V Alliance.
Hard Times
There was a time when Game of War was experiencing a difficult time, during which many players left the game due to one-hit zeroes. D:V struggled with that themselves. Eventually, D:V became family with ONE, and many players moved over; however, the R4 team stayed behind and D:V appeared to be dead.
Rage’s Love Story
When this was happening, Rage was in the trap room that belongs to Carol May (yes, one of Teamrealtips awesome writers!) At the time, Carol was R5 of LV, and looking to make a change from her current Super Wonder Team. Carol and Rage had been talking for about a year, and they merged LV into D:V and rebuilt the alliance. Rage and Carol discovered that they made a “Kick-Ass” team.
Together, they built a successful Super Wonder team. They recruited well-known players from 73V and RA, and formed their own Super Wonder Team that placed in the top three during the first run they had as a new team.
While Rage did not go into many details (which is understandable), he talked about how he and Carol fell in love on Game of War. Rage moved from New York to Florida this past August to join Carol and continue their Game of War battle side-by-side.
Game Of War Accomplishments
Rage is an excellent player, but very quiet about his accomplishments during his time in Game of War. Sometimes using other people’s accounts, he emphasizes the fact that you have to know what you are doing and be able to think on your feet even when helping a fellow player out.
[Accomplishments?] Not really many, I mean I ran block for some of the SW winners and drove winner’s accounts… Hell, kingdom wonders are cake if MZ can let us get troop counts right.. honestly, it being a 2-second march at the wonder kinda blows.
Why Does Rage Play?
Rage, like the rest of us, has his own reasons for continuing to play and invest into his account.
I play for the people. I love the passion some have for the game … and well, I met the love of my life here.
Most Memorable Loss
Throughout our time in Game of War, we all experience losses and wins. Sometimes they can be difficult to remember, but certain ones always stick out in our heads.
I think getting burned out of the wonder was a huge loss the first time it happened.
Most Memorable Win
Rage shared his most memorable win with us as well. We all have our stories of losses, but our stories of victory are often just as fun and Rage’s own story proved to be no different.
Rage talked about how just after his Kingdom merged, he was working to hold the Wonder. He was minutes from closing when a double rally was set on him and the wonder. He held strong though, and with one minute until the Wonder closed, capped the rally on his Stronghold and the Wonder.
Rage’s Thoughts about Dragon War Dimension Vs. Demigod Dimension
Rage isn’t the most wordy guy. We asked him what his thoughts were on the Dragon War Dimension versus the Demigod Dimension, and his answer was short, sweet, and needless to say, to the point!
I play in the Demigod Dimension and Carol plays in the Dragon War Dimension.
While his thoughts were simple, he did mention that he enjoys that you can play the same account at the same time in different dimensions.
Rage’s Advice to Players
I love hearing the advice that comes from our different players. It is always worth taking the time to read and think on!
Always treat your alliance like family. No player is better than the other just because they spent more money. You’re only as strong as your weakest player. Even the small player that does not spend can speed and scout if you take the time to teach them. I always did what is best for my team and that is what caused so many players to stick with me through all these years and all the mergers and changes.
This is great advice, and shows the reason that Rage, along with Carol, has been able to build successful alliances. When you recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your team and take the time to nurture them, your team will excel. When you treat your team as if they are family, they will stay loyal to you through a lot of things.
We have had so much fun talking to Rage and hearing his story. We are excited to look at our next player for the month of October, and share the story of another member of our community. As always, if you have a player you would like us to reach out to and feature their story on the website, let us know in the comments below!
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