Demigod City Setup Guide

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Enemies surrounded Jericho but no one could pass the walls to defeat the city! The walls of Jericho were infallible. The only thing that could get past them were divine forces. Stop your enemies at your walls with a superior City set up.
Building Levels

“We Shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill
Get ready to Shape your stronghold with your building levels! However, this is strategy to how you build! Let’s take a look! From the exterior to the interior, what’s important? Now with Demigod levels a whole new game has come into play. In order, to even open Demigod Features your stronghold has to be level 1101. To open certain researches your Academy has to be different levels.
So whether, you want to be Emperor, a Demigod Trap, or just safe your building levels come into play and are extremely important.

So what is the strategy with leveling up your Stronghold so that you’re stronger than Fort Knox? Go as max as possible or wait? Well let’s look at this from both sides.
Attack and Wonder
If you are an attack and wonder player you definitely want to be as max as possible on your building levels. These building levels will increase your stats and march size. You want to be the most feared anyways so level up that building.
On the defense side higher level buildings give more defense. So if you are aiming to just not burn, build away! However, with new demigod building levels certain levels are needed in order to attain certain stats. Building stats matter more now than they have in the past. However, the question remains whether or not players will be able to compensate in other places for stats that new building levels give.
Inside your Stronghold
What Buildings should you build? Barracks, Villas, or Hospitals… (oh my)

Villas provide attack
Hospitals provide defense
Barracks provide health

The first thought of traps will be to go for Health and Defense. However, don’t forget that you also need attack to be able to kill your attackers march. There is a balance needed when building your stats. For more information on our defense vs. attack testing check it out here.

The Academy

The Academy is a crucial building in your city when it comes to Demigods. In order, to even unlock Demigod Research your Academy must be at level 1101. In addition, further levels of research require higher Academy levels. If you keep a low Stronghold build your Academy will not allow you to fully access Demigod Research.
When it comes to troops T1 troops are unlocked with demigod features. T2 require Academy 1110, T3 and T4 Demigods require even higher levels of your Academy.

Banner Stand

Banners have continued to update and we have several now to choose from. We now have a whole article discussing banners and there uses. You can get a closer look at Banners in the Demigod Dimension Here.
Don’t forget!! You are able to combine banners. It requires 4 banners at the same level to combine to the next level. For example, if you have 4 level 3 banners you are able to combine those to get a level 4 banner. Once you have 4 level 4 banners you can combine them to get a level 5 Banner.


Gear Workshop

Our Current gear is not available for leveling or power up. However, it is available to be improved. This improvement however, looks differently than it has in the past. Improvement instead is taking the gear to the next level. Check it out.

For more information on gear check out, Teamrealtips Forging Ahead.
Athena’s Armory
Athena’s Armory has been around for awhile. With the release of the Armory the people who never got rid of Gear greatly benefited from the set bonuses that were applied. With Athena’s Armory you do not need to have the gear equipped in order to benefit from it. You simply need to have the gear in your inventory. Recently, the armory was updated to include Demigod Gear Sets. In the table below you can see the bonuses available for your Demigod Gear Sets.

wdt_ID Gear Set Base Set Bonus Full Set Bonus

Demigod Haste Set
+120% Lv 1-3 Demigod Rallying March Speed+120% Lv 1-3 Demigod Attacking March Speed+20% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Defense+40% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Attack+20% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Health
+200% Level 1-3 Demigod Rallying March Speed+200% Level 1-3 Demigod Attacking March Speed+40% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Defense+80% Demigod Troop,Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Attack+40% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Health

Demigod Combat Set (Bastion and Berserker)
+120% Lv 1-3 Demigod Rallying March Speed+120% Lv 1-3 Demigod Attacking March Speed+20% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Defense+40% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Attack+20% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Health
+200% Lv 1-3 Demigod Rallying March Speed+200% Lv 1-3 Demigod Attacking March Speed+40% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Defense+80% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Attack+40% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Health

Demigod Challenger Set
+60% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Defense+150% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Attack+60% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Health
+80% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Defense+250% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Attack+80% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Health

Demigod Economic Sets
+4% Mythic Training Speed+4% Demigod Trap Building Speed+4% Demigod Training Speed+13:53:20 Demigod T1 Speed Up Research Flat Time Reduction– ALL Demigod Researches+12% Demigod T1 Construction Time Efficiency+15% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Health +15% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Defense+15% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Attack
+6% Mythic Training Speed+6% Demigod Trap Building Speed+6% Demigod Training Speed+1d 03:46:40 Demigod T1 Speed Up Research Flat Time Reduction– ALL Demigod Researches+20% Demigod T1 Construction Time Efficiency+25% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Health +25% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Defense+25% Demigod Troop, Trap, Mythic, & Mercenary Attack

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Demigod VIP has tons of Demigod Benefits that are important to your build. Current Max VIP is 1381. In VIP you are going to find tons of benefits including Hero Presets, Combat Stats, March Stats, Blessing Bonuses, and so many more. Be sure to keep on top of VIP and how it will benefit you.
However, this is another feature where cost versus benefit needs to be explored. This feature will not come cheap, however, it is a very useful one if you are able to obtain it.
Avatars- More than Just Looks
Wondering where you’re missing stats that everyone else seems to have? It’s your Avatar. Now they are not only part of our identity in chat but provide stat increases. Although many of the old Avatar boosts are now irrelevant, there are new Avatars to help you on your quest for greatness!
So how does it work? What stats do they add? I’ll walk you through.
Steps to unlocking Avatar Boosts

Open Chests in Items
Go to My Items and Special
Scroll down and click use to open Avatar
Once you have all the Avatars for that collection
Go to Avatar Collection
Click Unlock and you’re ready to go!

Speed Dungeon
The Speed Dungeon has had a huge makeover. In the past our speed dungeon had one monster available to be hit at a time. This has changed so that we have a list of monsters that are available to be hit. Explore some of the new features of the Speed Dungeon with Teamrealtips!
The Dungeons
Open your Dungeon and Scroll! This will allow you to see every dungeon that is currently available and pick which dungeon you would like to play.

Each of the dungeons will show you a variety of info from just looking at them. You will be able to see the following:

The Name of the Dungeon
The Energy required to hit the monster
The Possible Rewards

One of the newest features available is Auto Play. This feature allows you to play the dungeon without having to do all the heavy lifting for one hour. However, beware, once you use this item from your inventory the clock starts ticking down. Check out Auto Play! All you have to do is go into the dungeon of your choosing flip the Auto-Battle switch and let it run. Beware if you exit the dungeon Auto Play does stop, however, the time will still run out.
Game of War has bestowed us with a new Demigod Upgrade. Our Pantheon’s are once again active with Deities to guide our way in battle. Today Teamrealtips will bring you the information you need to know in order to be successful with your new Pantheon.
What you need to know:

Different Deities unlock at different levels of the building
Each Deity provides a different stat
Unlocking your Pantheon requires a Pantheon Foundation, in order to upgrade Demigod Pantheon Upgrade Scrolls are required
Once you unlock the deity all you have to do is tap activate

Check out the deities available with this update

DietyLevel UnlockedStat Provided

Zeus’ Authority
1101Thunderlord Attack

Ares’ Barrage
1106Firelord Attack

Apollo’s Fire
1112Waterlord Attack

Athena’s Scorn
1118Demigod Empire Attack

Poseidon’s Flood
1125Demigod Rally & Wonder Attack

Hades’ Darkness
1130Demigod Troop Attack

Dragon Portal
The Dragon Dimension has arrived. In your city you can now see a Dragon Portal. This leads to a new Dimension. A whole other city awaits you there.There you will find the opportunity to do linked events that will allow you to earn prizes in the Dragon Dimension and the Demigod Dimension.
There is much to be discovered there and the Realtips team is working to get you the best information available! Come explore with us and Roam with Dragons and we will be back to you with more updates soon!

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The Dragonville Grind

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When we build our accounts, we put time and money into them. Most of us want to see our investment go a long way, and to be able to successfully play without emptying our pockets. Recently with the release of Dragon War Dimension, players have found a new old love.
To many, the Dragon War Dimension is reminiscent of old school Game of War and players are in love with this aspect. The pace is definitely slower, and there are many differences from the Demigod Dimension. One of the things that players currently appreciate about the Dragon War Dimension is the ability to spend minimally and be successful. Grinding in the Dragon War Dimension can take you a long way.
On a budget, or missing the old days? Read on, where we will cover multiple aspects of the Dragon War Dimension and how you can grind and be successful. We will also include some of our favorite tips and tricks that we have come across!
The Dragonville Grind
Welcome to the Dragonville Grind. Get your fingers ready and let’s get to clicking!
The events in Dragon War Dimension give excellent prizes. You should definitely be sure to watch events and periodically check linked events on the Demigod side. Below, we will list some events to look out for. Remember, the events are constantly changing, so keep your eyes open.
Dragon Side Events

Monster Event – There is typically a linked monster event going on. You can obtain prizes for this event, but note they are for the Demigod side. So if you do not need these items, don’t waste your energy on killing monsters to complete these. With some of the KvK events once again including Monster killing, you want to be sure to save excess energy for these events.
Build Event – This is another linked event, but it does offer prizes on the Dragon War Dimension side as well, such as Speed Ups, Dark Energy, Resources, Loyalty, Daily Chances, and Gathering Speed Boosts. If you are looking to level up your Stronghold on the Dragon Side, it may be worth doing it in conjunction with this event. (Remember to stop until it resets once you hit the prizes!)
Dragon Den Event – Are you looking to level up your Dragon? If so, do it in conjunction with this linked event. This will give prizes in both the Demigod and Dragon War Dimensions. On the Demigod Side you will get things such as Boost Creation Components and More. On the Dragon Side you will obtain Hero XP, VIP Points, Dark Energy, and Speed Ups.
Speed Dungeon Events– Get to hitting your Speed Dungeon Monster.These events give you the opportunity to earn March Speed Ups, Resources, Gem Savers, and Daily Chances.
KvK Events – These are not linked events, typically, but it is very important to complete them. They typically give some of the best prizes, including but not limited to ports, gold, Speed Ups, Hero Energy, and Resources. Of course, the most sought-after prizes of Gold and Advanced Teleports are the third prize, and the most difficult to obtain.
Recovery Events – Recovery Events typically come after Kill events or KvK events. These events will give a variety of good prizes to work towards obtaining, and usually are not linked.
Alliance Events – Alliance Events are great to work towards, as the prizes include things like Gear gifts, VIP gifts, and Hero gifts. These events are done as a team, so you only earn the prizes if you participate (keeping the slackers from riding on the hard work of others).

Demigod Linked Events
On the Demigod side, there will be linked events where you can earn prizes for your Dragon War Dimension account, so it is important to check in and make sure that you are getting the most out of these events to help your Dragon Growth. Here you can earn RSS, Hero Energy, and more. We hear of some people that disappear into the “underworld,” never to be heard from again, but do not forget to check the Demigod Linked events!
Grind your Hero
Your Dragonville Hero is waiting to lead you to victory. However, in order to do so, you must level that Hero up. In order to be able to wear Gear or have more skill points for stat increases, it is necessary to level up your Hero. While there are many ways to obtain Hero XP, there are some tricks and tips to help you level faster.
Where to Get Hero XP

Alliance Gifts
Some Empire Quests
Alliance, VIP, and Daily
Attacking or Defending
Completing tasks around your City such as building or researching

Tricks and Tips: Attacking will help you to get a lot of experience. Additionally, you can receive materials to help when attacking! So be on the lookout for others to attack.
The Resource Grind
Resources are the core of our grind to improve. Just about everything in Game of War requires ever-valuable Resources. We have some tricks and tips to help make sure that you are getting the most out of your resources.
Resource Tricks and Tips

Food is the trickiest resource you will run into. Gathering Food will put it straight into your stores, so if you have a hungry army, it will be gone in no time. There are boosts and skills you can use to help with your resources, but if your army is consuming more then you are producing, it will be gone. Due to this, make sure that you only open food bundles as you need them.
Tiles aren’t great for food since your army will just eat it, but they are a great way to gather other resources. Also, if your army is not consuming all your food, then gather away. Make sure you check frequently to make sure your troops have not returned home while you were away.
Only open resource items as you need them, to avoid being farmed.
Complete Quests.
If you do not mind the power and are looking for more resources, be sure to complete Economics Research.

The Gear and Gem Grind
We all love Gear, and a great thing about the Dragon War Dimension right now is that you do not necessarily have to purchase packs to get Gear. While it takes time to level up your Hero to use the better Gear, you can start working towards getting the materials you need from day one.

Kill and Hit Monsters
Collect Monster Tiles
Open Alliance Gifts
Speed Dungeon

The VIP Grind
VIP is also essential. Not only does VIP help with all of your city functions, it also provides stats and some other special features. So making sure that you are moving that VIP up to utilize it to its fullest is essential.
Find VIP here:

Alliance Gifts
Daily Logins

The Loyalty Grind
Loyalty is not new to Game of War, but the extent that it is used is new. Needless to say, earning Loyalty and saving it up is super important. You can purchase a lot of different items in the Alliance Store with Loyalty.
Where to Find Loyalty:

Alliance Quests
Hitting and Killing Monsters
Alliance Gifts

Grind, Grind, Grind
Overall, there are several things you should be doing on a daily basis to get the most out of your Dragon War Dimension Account. We will list some of those things below.
The Daily Grind

Open Alliance Gifts – These expire every 24 hours and you do not want to miss out on them. They will give materials, Gold, VIP, Hero XP, and more. In addition, the more gifts your alliance opens, the higher your gift level becomes. The higher your gift level, the better gifts you get.
Kill Monsters – Log in, hit or kill monsters with the energy you have saved, log out and let energy build back up, repeat.
Complete Alliance, VIP, and Daily Quests – These give resources, Hero XP, Gold, and Loyalty, so they are great to complete. Some have theorized that if you complete them in order, you get better quests each time. Try it out and let us know if it’s true.
Complete Empire Quests – These give different items that are useful; however, use caution! These also give a lot of power, so if you are looking to stay low power then DO NOT collect these.
Gather – When you are not out Monster Hunting, be sure to have your marches out gathering. Whether it be on Resource or Monster Tiles, you can easily send your army out in a few seconds and log back out.
Log in – Do NOT DO NOT, forget to log in every day. By logging in every day, you increase your login streak for VIP, and you can collect those Alliance gifts at the same time.

Don’t forget the Blessings
The Dragon War Dimension now has blessings for Economic and Combat Purposes. If you are planning on doing some work and could use the extra boost reach out to your fellow Alliance members and ask for a Blessing!
Current Economic Blessings Available:

Training Speed and Troop Queue Blessing
Research Speed Blessing
Construction Speed Blessing
Production Speed to Resource Capacity Blessing

Simply put, there are a lot of ways that you can work to optimize what is available to you in the Dragon War Dimension. We have put some of our favorite grinding methods and tips and tricks above. Comment below with the tips and tricks you have found!
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How to Catch Up in the the Demigod Dimension

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Everyone needs a little time away. It happens. Sometimes things happen where you just need to put down the game and take some time for yourself. Nevertheless, we all have returned.  The game pulls you back in, but mostly, it’s the people we meet and form relationships with that brings us back. So we redownload the game, reset passwords we forgot, and watch the game come back to life, and prepare to learn how to catch up in the Demigod Dimension.
Then it hits you, you are faced with the realization that you have no idea what is going on. With the release rate in the Demigod Dimension, it’s easy to fall behind, feel overwhelmed, and not know where to begin to put your account back together.  So let’s take some time to figure out how to catch up in Demigod Dimension.
Get Back in the Community
Game of War has an extensive community of players. The players have found many ways to communicate and share information regarding the game using different apps. Line and Discord are the two most common apps used by Game of War players for this purpose. Real Tips has both a Line room and a Discord Room for the Game of War community. These rooms have a vast amount of knowledge from the many different players, and we all share and help each other as much as possible.
Find a Friend
Everyone needs to have one person to act as a mentor to help guide you back into the game. Find someone that is willing to be there to answer all of your questions about how to catch up in the demigod dimension. Add them to your Contact List in-game so you can easily reach out when you are buried deep in building and need a fast answer. This person will also be a good resource to help you pick your packs wisely! The great part is that most players are very helpful, and this should be an easy step.
Join an Active Alliance
This is a very important step in making your comeback! The obvious reason is that you have a group of people to help you guide you in the right direction. However, there are a few less than obvious reasons. The first being the Alliance Helps. This will save you speeds when you are researching, building, and training. Also, many people learn by watching. Being in an active alliance you can watch conversations in alliance chat. You can observe rallies. This will help you learn how to use any new features. Not to mention, it is so much easier to get an Econ Blessing when you are with a group that is logging in the game consistently.
Make a Plan for Your City
Now that you are in the Real Tips rooms, you found a mentor, and you found an alliance, its time to focus on the actual work. This is where most people get overwhelmed. However, breaking it down into sections makes it easier.

Hero and Gear– Get your hero leveled up and make sure you have presets ready with training, construction, and research gear ready.
Building Levels– A lot of the research requires your academy to be at a certain level. Therefore, it is best to try and build as high as you can go before you start researching.
Research– This is the foundation of every great account, so make sure you complete as much of your missing research as possible
Training Troops– There is no reason to have to train troops until right before you are ready to drop your shield. The only exception to this is if you need to gather resources. If that is the case, train just enough to fill a march.

Don’t forget to use the Real Tips guides to help you along the way. We have a Hero Guide, a City Guide, and a Guide for Gear.
Drop Your Shield and Have Fun!
Now its time to finally join the fun! Drop your shield and get in some rallies. Don’t forget that continually taking hits is the best way to test your account. Maintaining account is an ongoing process, but it is certainly part of the fun.
Have a tip for players returning to the game? Comment below and tell us what was the best advice you received when you returned to playing Game of War.
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Defending in Demigod Realm

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When it comes to Demigod defense, it’s been evolving in Game of War. While many assume that defending is the same as being a trap, it’s simply not true. Trapping is the art of appearing to have a weak account when, in fact, it’s very strong. If you are simply building to defend, you are not worried at all about appearing to have a small account worth hitting. You simply just want to make sure you can fill rallies and drop your shield without the fear of being burned by a solo or rally.
In this article, we will go over what it will take to have a safe build, a basic safe Demigod defense account.
Important Stats
Knowing which stats are important when defending is the most important piece of information to have. This will allow you to guide yourself through gear, hero skills, and other areas such as the Boost Hall with greater ease
Of course, we all know that Demigod Defense, Attack, and Health are the most important. Also important are Attack and Health Debuffs. But remember that those are supporting stats, and they affect the attacking player’s troops and not your own. Any stats that improve your Troops are stronger than the stats that affect the incoming troops. Having high Debuffs will not save you if you have not made sure your Demigod Attack and Demigod Defense and Demigod Health are as high as you can get them. Right now the Demigod Defense Debuff is around 65k, so you want to push to get your defense above that number.
Another thing to keep in mind is the importance of Trap stats. Your traps take the brunt of the hit and are usually the only thing lost in a battle. Make sure you have Trap Attack, Trap Defense, and Trap Health maxed anywhere possible.
Depending on what kind of set up you are using will greatly influence your choice of gear. It also will have a lot to do with which pieces of gear you have leveled up, powered up, and enhanced the farthest.
Because the Defense Debuff is around 65k, you first want to make sure that you have gear that will get your defense over that DD stat. Then, add in pieces that add a lot of Attack to help kill more of the incoming march. Some of the attack pieces will also have Attack Debuff in them as well, so those are beneficial in more than one way.
To get more details on gear, RealTips has two more detailed articles to help you with your selection of Gear and their Stats
Troop Composition
This is a highly debatable subject matter, as well as highly diversified. But keep in mind, your Troop Build will be directly related to your stats. If you have higher stats that are closer to max, then you can cut your troop count down farther than most. However, if you’re stats are average to below average, you will need extra troops to help you take those hits. Keep in mind, this is a general recommendation for most players to build safe to take hits. We recognize that there are many possibilities to choose from, especially if you like to play different styles, but this is the most general setup recommended to not burn.
Building to Not Burn
First, using t4 as a meat shield is no longer suggested. The amounts that you would need to build would be very costly and would increase your power exponentially. The cost of building the t4 needed to not burn could be put to use in other areas.
T5 is the most efficient tier to use for building your meat shield. Currently, you will need at least 500million t5 Traps and 100million t5 mythics to not burn for a t6 rally. If you are going up against a notorious maxed account, they may even need more.
Hero And Hero Skills
Which Hero you use will greatly depend on the levels of the heroes you have open. Just because you have the new Beryl hero will not mean that it’s the best one to use, especially if it’s not level 85 or above. That seemed to be the point at which the Beryl had higher stats than the Blue Knight.
Like discussed in the Stat section above, you want to first skill your TTMM Demigod Attack, Demigod Defense, and Demigod Health. After that Attack Debuff and Health Debuff would be important. Finally, make sure you skill the individual Type Attacks and Type Defenses.
What About Mercenary and Dragon Realm Stats?
Many ask about the Dragon Realm Stats, Whirlpool, Gushing Lava, and Desert Storm. These are actually type stats in themselves. Whirlpool is the same as Waterlord, Gushing Lava is Firelord, and Desert Storm is Thunderlord. These type stats have been tested and are about one fifth the strength of the normal Type Stats. So unless you have plenty of extra skill points, don’t worry about putting skills in these spots.
Lastly, mercenary skills are also often questioned. We tested multiple times with the berserkers and even having banners that multiplied the berserker stats. None of the RealTips tests showed a change in the outcome when we skilled both mercenary defense and mercenary health. The Mercenary Attack did have a slight kill increase, although priority would definitely go towards Type attack over mercenary attack.
Banners and Gems
Banners and Gems are a great place to add what is missing. If you feel your account needs to kill more incoming troops, then use the banners that have the most attack. If you think you need to save more of your troops from being killed, then stack defense and attack debuff in gems and banners. You can quickly look at the banners and gems at RealTips previous posts on each of these topics!
Check our post on Demigod Gems here
Information about Demigod Banners is here.
Miscellaneous Information
Research- You want to do as much research as possible. Power gained from doing research is not anything to be concerned about any longer. Besides your gear, your research is your most powerful tool. Get in that academy and get to work!!
Lifetime Boost Hall- We can not stress the importance of this building enough. Although the stats seem small, they do all stack and will add up to a significant amount. Think about the stats we have discussed in this article, and then figure out what you think your account may be missing. This is one of the places where you can really get the Trap specific stats built up.  Use this boost hall to your advantage!!
VIP- Vip doesn’t necessarily need to be maxed, as this can sometimes defer leads from hitting you. If you are building a trap, then just upgraded little at a time. If you are just building to defend without burning no matter what it takes, then go ahead and get your VIP as high as you want.
Special Buildings- The special buildings are very important. These can be leveled as high as you can get them, and as long as you run Anti Scout, no one will know if you have them maxed or not. Some buildings to focus on leveling first for Defending :

Black Market– Demigod Attack, Demigod Defense, and Demigod Health
Alchemy Lab– Trap Attack and TTMM Attack Debuff
Speed Up Treasury– Trap Defense
Gear Workshop– Empire Defender Demigod Attack
Archeology Hall– Empire Defender Demigod Defense
Mausoleum– Empire Defender Demigod Health

While many players have found their own little tricks to the game, this is sure to be a safe Demigod Defense build for any player. Always keep in mind that as new releases come out, you want to increase your defense and also increase the number of traps and mythics you use for your meat shield. Do you have any tips you would like to share with other Real Tips players? Comment in the section below and share with the community!
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Who are You?

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Who are you? Who am I? We all play our own role within Game of War. One of the first questions we ask when we start playing is, What do you want to be? It reminds me of when we were children and we were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. We did not really know then because we were still figuring this thing called life out.
Just like figuring out who we are in life takes time and experience so does figuring out who we are in Game of War. One day for whatever reason we download the game and we look at it and have no clue what we are doing. We have to start building and growing to learn who we are within Game of War and to figure out what play style we desire to ascribe to.
Who Are You?
So who are you and how do these different roles interact with each other? It is important to know this in the game because sometimes we forget the value that different styles of play bring to an Alliance. Do you want to be the player that is being burned? The player who is burning people? Or part of the support team? All roles are essential.
In this article, we will take a closer look at each of the roles and then we will look at how they interact with each other. 
The Trap
The trap, for those who do not know, this is my favorite playstyle. To me there is nothing better then people looking at me deciding they think I am “burnable” and then hitting me to be surprised by the message of their Hero being captured to flash across their screen. Let’s be honest my favorite part is the mail I receive when they are trying to get their Hero back. Especially when they tell me how Awesome I am, even though I know they are just trying to flatter me in hopes that I will be magnanimous and release their Hero that seems to have wandered off.
The Trap is a common play style and one that involves a lot of strategy and thought. Many traps that are considered at the top of their game are well known in Game of War and looked up to by many players. The trap is for a player that really does not want to attack or hold Wonders but wants to be attacked. The trap is probably one of the most customizable accounts and we here at realtips encourage you to not do a cookie cutter build but to learn the basic principles and be creative in your gameplay.
In some of our previous articles about trapping you were able to see more about the basic principles of trapping and different ways you are able to build up. This includes The New Age Demigod Trap and Dragonville Trapping. I love looking back through old Trap articles on the website and seeing how things have changed and it’s so easy. Just type “trap” in the search bar and see what comes up. So if you are considering becoming a trap make sure you take a look into some of that information.
The Lead
The Lead is another common playstyle. However, the simple fact is that not everyone can be a lead player. This is something that a lot of newer players struggle with. They want to be able to go out and burn people, however, they usually do not have the ability to do so. The lead is typically a well-respected player within alliances and very necessary to growth. This player is going to typically spend more than your average player.
As a lead, you are going to want to max stats as much as possible and build for your safety when your Hero is not home. I played a weak lead for a while, however, while on occasion I had fun burning people I usually picked targets I knew could cap me so I could flip to Heroless trap.
Most Leads have gained the unfortunate reputation of point and click players. A lot of people underestimate the amount of strategy that a lead player needs to have in order to be successful. And the Lead has its own level of strategy when it comes to gameplay. It does take more than a wallet. It takes strategy behind troops and skills and even more.
The trap considers strategy behind where to build stats and where to gain power so they still appear as if they will burn the lead will max as much as possible. However, for Leads, there is a different level of strategy here in knowing what targets to pick and how to skill and what to send. Some of the best Leads I have actually met were originally traps.
The Filler
The Filler is a bit of a cross between the Trap and the Lead. This is a support player. They build for a few reasons. They want to be able to fill rallies of the Lead and if they happen to get targeted want to know they will not burn. There is some strategy here but it is not as complex as typically this player doesn’t care about power but simply cares that they do not burn. These accounts take less maintenance and are good for players who want to support the other play styles.
Many times you will see that the filler can alternate between roles as well. They can play the role of a smaller attacker or a trap in the right circumstances. As the game updates this player will be targeted more if they do not keep up as much and as they catch up in the game they can burn smaller targets.
Now You Know
Now that you know what some of the more common roles within Game of War are, what role do you want to play? There is nothing wrong with any of these roles, however, what we see happen a lot is that Alliances prioritize certain players. What is important to note is that within an Alliance every one of these players has their own roles that are important.
If you do not have a well-balanced Alliance you will struggle in being able to be successful and maintain other good players. Every Alliance needs Fillers, a really good Lead, and a really good Trap. These players need to know each other and be able to respond to each other, some of this comes from building relationships within your Alliance.
The Interactions
So, let’s look at what an Alliance should look like and how it should be structured. One of the biggest faults I see is Alliances that are so concerned with having Attack Players and Fillers that the traps get left to the wayside. Alliances openly will not take players below certain powers or players who do not have certain troops.
Below you can see information about how the different roles interact. Note that every role provides something important. Some of my best years of playing were when I played with a Lead who understood what I was doing as a trap and I understood what he was doing as a Lead.
We were able to work off of each other and be more successful because we worked as a team and played to each other’s strengths and weaknesses. My Lead provided the activity I needed to be noticed as a Trap and I provided more targets for him as a Lead.
The Run Down

Your Trap Gets hit and Caps a Hero

This Provides a Heroless target for your Lead and Fillers are needed

A rally gets set on your Trap

Fillers from the opposing team Surround the opposing lead
This provides targets for your lead and fillers are needed

Lead Sets a Rally

Fillers are needed
The Opposing Alliance goes on Defense
Your Traps and Fillers get hit
New Targets are provided for your Lead
Fillers are needed

The biggest thing I have to say here is the best part of these interactions are rescue missions. Heroes are bound to get capped and players are bound to go on rescue missions to save their Alliance members Hero. This provides a ton of activity within the game and Alliance and something to do for everyone. So while sometimes we as players become very focused on the attack side, all components are needed to truly be a successful Alliance.
Wrapping it Up
One of the best things about Game of War is the complex interactions that are required in order for players to be successful. An Alliance that does not have a good mixture of players will not be successful. All types of players are required to be successful. Traps, Leads, and Fillers all bring different types of activity to an Alliance that other players are able to use to be successful. So be sure that when you are building your own Alliance you have a healthy balance.
The roles within the game are more complex and there are other ways they interact. We have just provided some of the basic information and interactions.
What ways have you seen these interactions within your own Alliance? Comment below and let us know!
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Rallying in Dragon Realm

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While attacking other cities with a solo is tons of fun, rallying gets the whole team involved. You can hit bigger targets, get more kills, and learn more about the game if you are filling for a more experienced Rally Lead. With this article we, will take a quick look on how to fill rallies and other basic information for players of all experience levels in the Dragon Realm. With that, let’s get started!
Filling Rallies
Most people will be filling rallies before you will be setting rallies. So let’s go over some basic information about filling rallies.
Check for Teleports and March Speeds
First, you will want to pay attention to the alliance chat. The rally lead will more than likely post coordinates for the target, and you want to port as close to the target as possible. This will reduce the March time. Rally leads do not like to have their rallies held back because a march is taking over an hour to get to the rally! If you are not able to port close to the target, you should always ask if the rally lead still wants you to fill. This is common rally-filling etiquette. If you do not have March Speeds to speed your own march, then you should always ask if fellow alliance members are able and willing to help speed your march into the rally. You may need to wait until a closer target is found.
Make sure you fill with the same Troops!
So you see a notification pop up about a rally that has started, and you confirm you can port close. Click on the Hall of War. There, you will see the Rally Owner and the Rally Target. Multiple rallies may be going on, so make sure you click the correct rally! Now once you open, you’ll be able to see what you should fill with. Always make sure the troops you send match the troops the rally lead has sent! You can ask in chat, or you can click on the very first filler, and the troops already sent can be seen.
Unlock and Claim Slots
The first three slots of the rally are always open. If you are not one of the first three fillers, you will have to unlock a slot and claim it for yourself. This will require you to have War Commissions. Once you claim your own slot and fill, you can go back in and unlock additional slots for other alliance members if anyone needs the help.
Send your troops and speed others if you can!
Once you have selected your troops and send the march, see if anyone else may need some help speeding in their marches. If you are able to port close to the target, then you more than likely do not need to use any additional march speeds. However, if other alliance members asked for help previously, then check and see if you have march speeds that you can help get them in faster. Remember to pay it forward!
After the Rally Hits
Once the rally hits, you will instantly get a report. If the rally lead was capped, there will be no returning troops. If the entire march was not killed by the target, then you may need to wait for troops to return back to your stronghold.
A Few Things to Remember When Filling Rallies

You can fill multiple rallies at a time, but you can only send out as many marches as your city allows. So if you only have four marches, you can only fill four rallies.
You can not shield your city while you have marches out in rallies. If you feel that you are in danger of burning, fill the rally then port away from the action.
If you are filling multiple rallies, make sure you are paying attention to all the troops needed to fill and all the march times!
Although the rallies are shown in the alliance tag at the bottom of the screen, it is much faster to fill and speed using the Hall of War.
If you have questions, always ask your rally lead. Trust me when I say that Leads would rather answer questions than have to continuously reset rallies because someone was too scared to ask what to do.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun! Filling rallies together with your alliance makes your team stronger, and it is an opportunity to learn more about the game. If you have any tips to share, please add them in the comment section below to help out other players!
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Dragon War Dimension Purchasing

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The Dragon War Dimension, much like the Demigod Dimension, comes with its own features and costs. There is no doubt that when playing Game of War, the cost and the packs can at times be overwhelming. Knowing where to spend money and what to buy is important, as it influences the type of player you are and your play style.
It can be difficult to know what to buy, as packs change frequently and always have a different number of items in them. In addition, in the Dragon War Dimension, packs often come with items for one feature of the game and then Resources and Gold, so you essentially have to buy separate packs for each feature.
This guide is intended to give you some tips and tricks about choosing the packs you purchase and making sure you get the most bang for your buck.
Pack Purchasing in the Dragon War Dimension
There are so many tips we can give to help you optimize your purchases in the Dragon War Dimension. Probably one of the biggest we can give is to never pay full price for a pack! By utilizing Amazon Coins, you can purchase packs at a discount and save yourself some money (which for many will honestly go towards the next pack).
The next top tip we have for you before we go into detail is one that feels obvious, but is not. Never spend beyond your means. Many of us have seen in the news stories on individuals who have embezzled money or gotten money through illegal means to purchase their Game of War Packs. Based off the fact that this was in the news, it obviously did not end well!
Picking your Purchases
As mentioned above at times the number of packs can be overwhelming. Picking what to buy can feel like a chore in and of itself so we have some tips for you when contemplating what to purchase.
Tip 1: Never ever (even if you say “never say never”) buy the first pack you see. 
Often when you see the pack with the item you are looking for, it is tempting to grab it right then. However, this is not the best way to go about purchasing your pack. At times, the wait is worth it. Watch the packs and see what they do. Sometimes one pack will offer 20 items and 15 minutes later it will offer 50 items. So make sure that you are getting the most out of your money by buying the best packs available.
Tip 2: Be intentional about what you are buying.
Before you pick your purchase, know what you are buying and what it will do for you. For example, Athena’s Armory Unlock will open up set bonuses. However, unlocking it will only open Legendary Set Bonuses. In order to get set bonuses at every other level, you have to level it up to level 6. Doing this takes a total of 500 scrolls. So knowing whether or not you will be able to level it up fully or craft legendary gear is essential in knowing whether this is a good purchase for you. If you cannot afford to open the other set bonuses and know it will be a while before you can get legendary gear, it may be more beneficial for you to choose another pack.
Tip 3: Know the cost
As referenced above, everything has a cost. If you are working on a limited pack budget, do your best to talk to people who already have that feature or have completed that research. The reason for this is that they can tell you what kind of cost to expect. This ties in with Tip 2 of be intentional about what you are buying.
Tip 4: Know the benefits and whether or not it is worth it.
What exactly does this feature do? Do you really need it? If you are already capping or burning people, is this something that is a priority? Many times when excited about new features, players will go buy them and quickly discover they did not actually need it.
This is another situation where “wait and see” is very beneficial. When the Mercenaries were released, many players went and bought them and tested them, to find that these troops are essentially what many have referred to as “Super Farmers.” While this is great for players who spend a lot of time farming, many players soon forgot about these and dismissed them as not worth it.
Once again, going back to Tip 2 of being intentional. Part of being intentional is knowing how the feature works, and sometimes this means that you have to wait until other players have had time to test it out and play with it.
Tip 5: Is it a need or a want?
Combine All. It is a lovely feature and saves fingers and tons of clicking. However, when on a limited budget, it is necessary to assess whether something is a need or a want. When you look at the pack with the Combine All Unlock, if the Combine All is all you are getting, it may not be the best purchase to choose.
However, if you are seriously lacking in gear (which gives a ton of stats in the Dragon War Dimension) then it actually is a good purchase. Here’s why: Combine All is not necessary, so if that was all you were getting, it would be better to choose a different pack. However, if you really looked at that pack when it is up, you will also note that it has 5k Sentinel, Arbiters, and Hunter’s Gear Chests, making this purchase very worth it for players who need gear.
Tip 6: Check the RealTips Website or Line and Discord Rooms
When new features are released, we do our best to be able to update you as quickly as possible. However, also be aware that sometimes it may take a little time. Always check our articles here or hop over to our community rooms and give us a shout-out. I can tell you that even if we do not have the answer right away, someone in the rooms will, and typically we can direct you to who that is (and learn something new ourselves!)
Tip 7: Participate in our Monthly Events
Every month, we have an event where the winner receives a gift card. These events vary from month to month and are hopefully always fun! The winner receives a 25-dollar gift card. While this may not seem like a lot, it is 25 dollars that you can put towards your next purchase.
Tip 8: Watch for events and holidays
Many times when there is an event or holiday coming up, the packs get slightly better. Special packs for the event or holiday will be released. These are definitely packs you will want to look into. In addition, if you know KvK is coming, keep an eye out for recovery packs, as these are very helpful at times as well.
Tip 9: Use Loyalty and Black Market Currency Wisely
Watch the Black Market. Sometimes it has some useful items in it. Also, make sure you are spending your Black Market Currency wisely. One of the things I have found myself spending Black Market Currency on is Advanced Teleports. Since these ports can be difficult and costly to obtain, I believe that to be a good use of my Black Market Coins.
Loyalty takes a while to rack up. Make sure you are completing events and doing whatever you can in order to increase the amount of Loyalty you have. In addition, make sure that you spend your loyalty wisely. Whether you use them for ports or shields, be intentional about it.
Tip 10: Try to talk yourself out of it!
This is probably one of the best tips we can give. This tip combines every other tip above. If you are looking at a pack, consider all of the tips we have already given, and make yourself a checklist.

Do I need this or want it?
How will it boost my account?
Is it worth it?
Am I able to purchase enough packs to get it to the level I need?
Have I educated myself on this?
Is this something that I can maybe get in the Black Market or with Loyalty?
Is there a Holiday or event coming up so I can watch for better packs?

After you have read all of the tips and considered everything possible, try to talk yourself out of buying the pack using the answers to these questions. If you can justify why your account can wait on that purchase or does not need it, then consider not buying yet or picking another feature that will do more for you!
Sometimes deciding what to buy can be as difficult as figuring out how to build. We at Teamrealtips want to be sure that you are buying effectively and building effectively so that you can get the most out of the game! If you have questions, please ask, and know that we are here for you, our Community.
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Demigod Gems

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Gems enhance your gear, and can sometimes be the tipping point between victory and defeat. The downside is sorting through all those gems in the preset list. It can be quite confusing! Now that the Demigod Realm has a variety to choose from, we can go through and figure out which Demigod Gems are best for which set up.
Attack Gems Sets

Rally Attack Gem Sets

Defense Gems Sets

Trap Defense Stats

Wall Trap Stats

Debuff Gem Sets

Wonder Gem Sets

March Speed Gem Sets

Economy Gem Sets

Other Gems
Other gems have also been released that are not part of a specific set. These gems can be used to enhance any current Gem Set that you have embedded in your gear piece. You can obtain these gems by Dungeons, Gold Store Streak Bar, and Special Events.

The One’s Demigod Valor Gem – 80% Attack, 40% Defense, 40% Health, and 30%  attacking march speed for all tiers of troops
Game of War Anniversary Attack Gem –  60% Attack, 40 % Health, and this gem also has Rally Attack, Wonder Holding Attack, Health Debuff, and Defense Debuff
Demigod Bonesnapper Gem –  The first gem released without a set, this gem has Empire Defending attack, Rally Attack, Defense, Health, and Rally Health
Limited Time – Demigod Victory Gem – This was the gem we all worked hard clicking in the dungeon to get!!! 60% Attack, and also has Defense, Health, and Attack Debuff
St Patrick’s Day Golden General Gem – 18% Attack and 3.6% Health, this was the first special gem to not be included in a set.

Once you sort out your gems, dont forget to check out #TeamRealTips articles on Gear to make sure your Hero is ready to go in to battle!
Do you have a go-to Gem Set? Let us know in the comments below which Gems are your favorites!
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Dragonville Gear Guide

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Gear is an essential part of gameplay in Game of War. The stats for gear can make or break you as a player. Knowing what gear to choose and what the requirements are for the gear are just as important as the gear itself, so that you can prepare your Hero to equip the gear it needs.
Dragon War Dimension Gear
Knowing what gear to use and in which instance is important to every player. Not only can gear save us time, it can save us money. This article will cover every piece of gear that is currently available in the Dragon War Dimension. In addition, we will look at the levels it requires to be able to equip and craft different pieces of gear. However, to make things a little more simple for you, check out the table below. If you are looking for a specific stat, this table will tell you what section to look at within this article, and the Hero Level required to craft that piece.
Where do I find this Stat in Gear?

Finding the Right Stats for me    

StatGear PieceLevel RequiredWhat Section in this article?

Troop AttackArbiter’s Crown40Arbiter’s Gear

Arbiter’s Rainment40Arbiter’s Gear

Arbiter’s Stance40Arbiter’s Gear

Arbiter’s Judgement40Arbiter’s Gear

Arbiter’s Soul Cage40Arbiter’s Gear

Arbiter’s Call40Arbiter’s Gear

Demigod Blue Fire Helm10Demigod Blue Fire Gear

Demigod Blue Fire Armor10Demigod Blue Fire Gear

Demigod Blue Fire Boots10Demigod Blue Fire Gear

Demigod Blue Fire Crossbow10Demigod Blue Fire Gear

Demigod Blue Fire Gauntlet10Demigod Blue Fire Gear

War Boots4Other Gear

Sharpsword2Other Gear

Brawler Gloves17Other Gear

Vindicator’s Worldbreaker24Vindicator’s Gear

Infantry AttackWarrior Casket24Other Gear

Earth Splitter20Other Gear

Ranged AttackDark Crown27Other Gear

Master Dagger15Other Gear

Cavalry Attack Battle Plate25Other Gear

Iron Spear18Other Gear

Attack March SpeedAssassin’s Hood40Assassin’s Gear

Assassin’s Blitz Garb40Assassin’s Gear

Assassin’s Sandals40Assassin’s Gear

Assassin’s Black Blade40Assassin’s Gear

Assassin’s Kunai40Assassin’s Gear

Arbiter’s Crown40Arbiter’s Gear

Arbiter’s Rainment40Arbiter’s Gear

Arbiter’s Stance40Arbiter’s Gear

Arbiter’s Soul Cage40Arbiter’s Gear

Arbiter’s Call40Arbiter’s Gear

Demigod Blue Fire Boots10Demigod Blue Fire Gear

Demigod Blue Fire Crossbow10Demigod Blue Fire Gear

Demigod Blue Fire Gauntlet10Demigod Blue Fire Gear

War Boots4Demigod Blue Fire Gear

Troop Defense BonusHunter’s Greathelm16Hunter’s Gear

Hunter’s Gilded Plate22Hunter’s Gear

Arbiter’s Crown40Arbiter’s Gear

Arbiter’s Rainment40Arbiter’s Gear

Arbiter’s Stance40Arbiter’s Gear

Sentinel’s Watch30Sentinel’s Gear

Sentinel’s Plate30Sentinel’s Gear

Sentinel’s Greaves30Sentinel’s Gear

Sentinel’s Storm Spear30Sentinel’s Gear

Sentinel’s Sight Stone30Sentinel’s Gear

Sentinel’s Ring30Sentinel’s Gear

Sentinel’s Aegis30Sentinel’s Gear

Demigod Blue Fire Helm10Demigod Blue Fire Gear

Demigod Blue Fire Boots10Demigod Blue Fire Gear

Demigod Blue Fire Crossbow10Demigod Blue Fire Gear

Demigod Blue Fire Gauntlet10Demigod Blue Fire Gear

Warrior Casket24Other Gear

Engineer Helm1Other Gear

Battle Plate25Other Gear

Rugged Tunic2Other Gear

War Boots4Other Gear

Empire Assault AttackAssassin’s Hood40Assassin’s Gear

Assassin’s Blitz Garb40Assassin’s Gear

Assassin’s Sandals40Assassin’s Gear

Assassin’s Black Blade40Assassin’s Gear

Assassin’s Kunai40Assassin’s Gear

Empire Assault DefenseAssassin’s Hood40Assassin’s Gear

Empire Assault HealthAssassin’s Blitz Garb40Assassin’s Gear

Empire Defender HealthVindicator’s Great Helm24Vindicator’s Gear

Vindicator’s Battleplate24Vindicator’s Gear

Vindicator’s Crushers24Vindicator’s Gear

Vindicator’s Gauntlets24Vindicator’s Gear

Trap AttackSentinel’s Plate30Sentinel’s Gear

Sentinel’s Storm Spear30Sentinel’s Gear

Sentinel’s Ring30Sentinel’s Gear

Troop Health BonusHunter’s Tracks13Hunter’s Gear

Arbiter’s Soul Cage40Arbiter’s Gear

Sentinel’s Sight Stone30Sentinel’s Gear

Demigod Blue Fire Armor10Demigod Blue Fire Gear

Dark Crown27Other Gear

Dark Cape29Other Gear

Brawler Gloves17Other Gear

Hero Critical Hit Hunter’s Greathelm16Hunter’s Gear

Beastmaster’s Helm 24Beastmaster’s Gear

Maximum Energy LimitHunter’s Greathelm16Hunter’s Gear

Hunter’s Gilded Plate22Hunter’s Gear

Hunter’s Gladius10Hunter’s Gear

Hunter’s Protector19Hunter’s Gear

Noxious Dagger10Other Gear

Beastmaster’s Helm 24Beastmaster’s Gear

Beastmaster’s Fur Chlamys24Beastmaster’s Gear

Beastmaster’s Paws24Beastmaster’s Gear

Beastmaster’s Fang Flail24Beastmaster’s Gear

Hero Attack Streak ModifierHunter’s Gilded Plate22Hunter’s Gear

Beastmaster’s Fang Flail24Beastmaster’s Gear

Hero Monster March Speed BonusAssassin’s Kunai40Assassin’s Gear

Hunter’s Tracks13Hunter’s Gear

Beastmaster’s Paws24Beastmaster’s Gear

Loot Time Gather SpeedHunter’s Gladius10Hunter’s Gear

Gathering March SpeedAssassin’s Kunai40Assassin’s Gear

Hunter’s Tracks13Hunter’s Gear

Vindicator’s Crushers24Vindicator’s Gear

Construction Time ReductionEngineer Helm1Other Gear

Research SpeedDark Cape29Other Gear

Basic Research SpeedChief Inquisitor’s Set-All Pieces24Chief Inquisitor’s Set

Training SpeedSharpsword2Other Gear

Wood ProductionDark Crown27Other Gear

Iron Spear18Other Gear

Silver Production Dark Cape29Other Gear

Ore ProductionMaster Dagger15Other Gear

Stone ProductionEarth Splitter20Other Gear

Food ProductionFamily Ring1Other Gear

Hero Attack BonusNoxious Dagger10Other Gear

Beastmaster’s Fur Chlamys24Beastmaster’s Gear

Beastmaster’s Helm 24Beastmaster’s Gear

Beastmaster’s Paws24Beastmaster’s Gear

Beastmaster’s Fang Flail24Beastmaster’s Gear

Beastmaster’s Leash24Beastmaster’s Gear

Gathering SpeedBrawler Gloves17Other Gear

Troop LoadAssassin’s Hood40Assassin’s Gear

Assassin’s Blitz Garb40Assassin’s Gear

Assassin’s Sandals40Assassin’s Gear

Sentinel’s Plate30Sentinel’s Gear

Sentinel’s Greaves30Sentinel’s Gear

Sentinel’s Sight Stone30Sentinel’s Gear

Sentinel’s Ring30Sentinel’s Gear

Demigod Blue Fire Helm10Demigod Blue Fire Gear

Demigod Blue Fire Armor10Demigod Blue Fire Gear

Demigod Blue Fire Boots10Demigod Blue Fire Gear

Demigod Blue Fire Crossbow10Demigod Blue Fire Gear

Demigod Blue Fire Gauntlet10Demigod Blue Fire Gear

Hermes Winged Set- All pieces24Hermes Winged Gear

Energy RecoveryBeastmaster’s Fur Chlamys24Beastmaster’s Gear

Beastmaster’s Leash24Beastmaster’s Gear

Stronghold March Speed DebuffVindicator’s Great Helm24Vindicator’s Gear

Vindicator’s Battleplate24Vindicator’s Gear

Vindicator’s Crushers24Vindicator’s Gear

Altar Troop Health BonusVindicator’s Worldbreaker24Vindicator’s Gear

Altar Boost DurationVindicator’s Gauntlets24Vindicator’s Gear

March SpeedHermes Winged Set- All pieces24Hermes Winged Gear

Arbiter’s Gear Set
Arbiter’s Gear is one of the gear sets that takes more time to get. In addition, this gear is unable to be equipped or crafted before Hero Level 40.
Arbiter’s Gear provides the following stats:

Troop Attack Bonus
Troop Defense Bonus
Troop Health Bonus
Attack March Speed

For players who are able to level their hero to 40, this is a great choice for attack and defense gear. Sentinel’s Gear Set
Sentinel’s Gear is one of the other sets of gear that is a little more difficult to obtain. This gear is able to be equipped at Hero 30.
Stats you will find in Sentinel’s Gear:

Troop Defense Bonus
Trap Attack
Troop Health Bonus
Troop Load

This Gear is great for defense players who are looking for some extra defense and stats for their Wall Traps. 
Hunter’s Gear Set
Hunter’s Gear set is able to be equipped and crafted at different gear levels. However, many of these levels are lower, making this a good gear set for players looking for some combat stats mixed with monster hunting stats.
Stats you can find in the Hunter’s Gear Set:

Troop Defense Bonus
Troop Health Bonus
Hero Critical Hit
Maximum Energy Limit
Hero Attack Streak Modifier
Hero Monster March Speed Bonus
Loot Tile Gather Speed
Gathering March Speed Bonus

This gear is best for all things monster, but does have some additional benefits that can prove to be helpful as well.
Assassin’s Gear Set
The Assassin’s Gear set is unable to be crafted or equipped until it reaches level 40. This gear threw us all back with the Kunai; however, for those of you suffering from Kunai Flashbacks, no worries, this is not the Kunai that could not be burned.
Stats you will find in Assassin’s Gear:

Empire Assault Attack
Empire Assault Defense
Empire Assault Health
Troop Load
Attack March Speed
Gathering March Speed Bonus

This gear will definitely be one that defensive players with higher-level heroes will want to check out!
Demigod Blue Fire Gear Set
The Demigod Blue Fire Gear Set is able to be equipped and crafted at Hero Level 10. This Gear is a little easier to obtain then other sets, but the stats are not as good as gear sets that you can equip at a higher Hero level.
Stats you will find in the Demigod Blue Fire Gear Set:

Troop Attack Bonus
Troop Defense Bonus
Troop Health Bonus
Troop Load
Attack March Speed

Beastmaster’s Gear Set
This Gear set is able to be equipped and crafted at Hero Level 24. This Set is purely for Monster Hunting. While our Hunter’s Gear is for Monster Hunting as well, this set adds in stats not seen in the Hunter’s Gear Set. If you are a monster hunter, this gear is definitely worth checking out. 
Vindicator’s Set Gear
Vindicator’s Set Gear materials can be obtained through the Vindicator’s Gear Set Dungeon. This Gear set is unique in several ways. It has tons of Health Stats that could be beneficial to a defending empire. Additionally, this Gear Set is the first to offer any type of Debuff in the Dragon War Dimension: you can slow your attackers down with the Stronghold March Speed Debuff. The most unique aspect of this gear is the Altar Stats. Make sure you equip this gear when executing heroes for increased health and increased duration of your Altar Boosts.

Chief Inquisitor’s Gear
Chief Inquisitor’s Gear has been added. In order, to equip and craft this gear your Hero needs to be level 24. This Gear has one use and one use only! It is your Basic Research Speed Gear and will help you take down the time on your Research timers to speed the process up.

Hermes’ Winged Set
This gear can also be crafted and equipped at Hero level 24. This gear has two notable functions. This gear will help with March Speed and Troop Load. Players who are big wonder players or attackers will get more use out of this gear for the speed. If you are a player who collects a lot of their resources from tiles the big use will be increasing your troop load.
Other Gear
Below, we will cover other pieces of Gear that are not necessarily parts of a set. These gear pieces typically require lower-level heroes and give some good boosts for different functions dependent on what you are looking for. In addition, when looking for different stats, if you are able to craft legendary on some of this gear before other pieces, then it may be more beneficial to you. Below, we have broken down this additional gear into groupings by piece.
Other Helms
Other Helms include your Dark Crown, Warrior Casket, and Engineer Helm.
Notable stats provided by these helms include:

Wood Production – Dark Crown
Construction Time Reduction – Engineer Helm

Other Armors
Other Armor includes the Dark Cape, Battle Plate, and Rugged Tunic.
Notable stats from Other Armors include:

Research Speed – Dark Cape
Silver Production – Dark Cape

Other Feet and Weapons
There is only one Foot Armor that was not covered in the sets above. The War Boots offer some attack, defense, and speed stats. These stats are great for individuals with lower-level heroes.
Other Weapons include the Earth Splitter, Iron Spear, Master Dagger, and Sharpsword.
Notable stats you will find in these weapons are:

Stone Production – Earth Splitter
Wood Production – Iron Spear
Ore Production – Master Dagger
Training Speed – Sharpsword

Other Accessories
Other Accessories include Brawler Gloves, Noxious Dagger, and Family Ring.
Notable Stats in these Accessories include:

Gathering Speed – Brawler Gloves
Hero Attack Bonus – Noxious Dagger
Food Production – Family Ring

Commonly asked Gear Question
Should I wait until I can craft Legendary gear to craft? 
That depends. If you are planning on purchasing more to get more materials, then yes. However, if you feel that you will not be able to get more materials in a timely fashion, then you can craft at a lower grade and later work to get more stats in your gear by collecting over time.
How many materials of this color do I need to be able to get a legendary material?
Combining can take a lot in the Dragon War Dimension due to the fact that we do not have the Combine All function. Sometimes when we are combining, we begin to wonder exactly how long it will take until we are going to get a legendary material. Here’s that information:
For example, to get a White Material using Grey Material, you need 4 Grey Materials. To get a Gold material using Grey Materials, you need 1024 Grey Materials.

Should I craft at less then 100%? 
That is completely up to you. You definitely can, and at 80% you have a high likelihood of obtaining the color you are crafting for. However, if you are worried about taking chances and not getting Gear at the quality you want, then you should definitely wait for that 100%.
Should I use gear sets or do a mix match of gear? 
Once again, this is something that is player preference; however, consider any set bonuses that may exist with equipped gear when making this decision. Many traps enjoy cobbling together gear sets and picking and choosing their stats in place of picking a set. For example, my current gear includes pieces from Sentinel, War Boots, and Demigod Fire set. When looking at stats I am getting with my gear, it was carefully crafted to ensure that I was getting the stats that my individual account needed.
Athena’s Armory
Athena’s Armory is another essential part of gear. This building, when unlocked, provides different bonuses for having different sets of gear. However, you do not need to have the gear equipped. Set bonuses are now offered at various gear levels if you have the gear in your inventory. The Bonuses shown below are at the Legendary Level.

Gear provides a lot of stats in the Dragon Dimension, so make sure you are in the know on what gear is out there and that you are equipping the best for your build. Questions or thoughts? Comment below!
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A Dragonville City Walkthrough

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Welcome to your Dragon City. While many features are similar to ones that we are used to there are also some unique ones as well. In this Guide, we will cover your Dragonville City and include all the information you need to know as you work on your setup.
We have heard the Dragon War Dimension called many things. Among the community, it has been known as “the basement,” “Dragonville,” “the Toothless Realm” (if you do not get this reference, go watch How to Train your Dragon… now), and much more. Whatever you choose to call the Dragon War Realm, it has sparked many players’ interest. Therefore, Teamrealtips will work to get guides out to you so that you can be successful as you build your city among the dragons.
A City Walkthrough
For this guide, we will be walking through the city and exploring each building and its functions. Some will be familiar, others may be new, but hopefully we will be able to give you a basic understanding of what is going on in your Dragon City.
Dragon’s Den
The Dragon’s Den is one of the very first buildings you encounter when beginning your Dragonville account. This is where your Dragon will reside. I named mine Ruby, so Ruby lives in her Den in my Dragon City.
One thing that most players have noted is that if you are not currently able to level up your Dragon, it may be better to wait to hatch it. Dragon Level Up Crystals are only available in packs, and the higher levels can be costly.
We talked some about the Dragon’s Den in Enter The Dragon Dimension. More information can be found there, but we will cover some of the basics here as well.
Dragon Facts

Leveling up your Dragon Costs Dragon Level Up Crystals.
Your Dragon has HP (Hit Points), and takes damage like your Troops do.
As HP decreases in Combat, Attack and Defense boosts will decrease with it.
Your Dragon’s stats can be customized utilizing a skill tree.
Your Dragon can join Rallies and Marches and will assist in Combat.
The Dragon must be at 100% HP to participate in Rallies or Marches.
You can send up to 9 Dragons per Rally.
Your Dragon can occupy and defend your Empire, Resource Tiles, Wonder, etc.
Your Dragon will naturally heal itself over time while it rests in the Dragon’s Den.
Instant Heal Items can be found in Special Sales.

This building maxes out at Level 2. Benefits provided by this building are:

Dragon Reinforcement Capacity: 9
Dragon March Size: 1
Dragon Rally Size: 10

The Dungeon
Every good city needs a dungeon! Where else would the monsters lurk? You certainly do not want them out among the common folks, they frighten easily. The Dungeon is your access point for your Speed Dungeon and your Explorer Dungeon. The Dungeon stays at level 1 and does not go to a higher level.
Speed Dungeon
The Speed Dungeon, we are familiar with. It is where we go to kill our Lightning Shardbeast. This beast will drop not only Speed Up items, but resources, making it a valuable asset to our cities. In addition, there have now been special dungeons added for gems and the black market, so be sure to check out that dungeon as it contains valuable treasures.
Explorer Dungeon
The Explorer Dungeon is not yet available. It is there, but is not something we have been able to access at this point. However, if it is similar to the Explorer Dungeon of the past, it will offer very helpful rewards for slaying the monsters that lie within.
Black Market
The Black Market is new to Dragonville. It needs to be unlocked, but unlike our Black Market in the Demigod Dimension, the Unlock is free. Here, you can buy different items for your Dragon City utilizing Black Market coins. These can be obtained through the Gold Store and by participating in special Black Market Events.
The Portal is where you travel between the Demigod Dimension and the “basement.” It only levels to one and its sole use is to transport you between dimensions.

The Stronghold is the center of your city. The level of your Stronghold determines most of what you are able to do and what buildings you can unlock. In addition, tapping on your Stronghold will also give you an overview of your city’s economy. The Stronghold in Dragonville currently goes to Level 30.
Stronghold Benefits
Below, you can see what benefits you receive at each Stronghold Level. Certain buildings that are dependent on your Stronghold Level are listed as well, so that you can see when these open.

wdt_ID Level Payout

Alliance Help Max: +1March Size: 1KMarch Slots: +1

March Size: 2K

Alliance Helps Max: +1March Size: 3KBarracks

March Size: 4K

Alliance Help Max: +1March Size: 5KGymnos

March Size: 6KMarch Slots: +1Embassy

Alliance Help Max: +1March Size: 9K

March Size: 8KMarketplace

Alliance Help Max: +1March Size: 9K

March Size: 10KForge

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The Academy
The Academy is where you complete research. Currently, we have four research trees in Dragonville:

Wall Traps

Upgrading your academy speeds up your research and also allows access to new improvements for your city. Research does add good stats to your setup, but also gives a substantial increase in Power, so if you want to stay low-power, be aware of the power that is being added by your research.
Dragonville Academy Details

wdt_ID Level Research Speed Bonus











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Hall of War
The Hall of War comes with its own set of abilities. This is where your rallies gather and leave from within your city, and we all love a good rally. The War is led by the Hero of the Player who initiated the Rally. By increasing the level of your Hall of War, you can increase the number of troops you can send in a given Rally at a time.
Hall of War Details

wdt_ID Level Capacity











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The Embassy allows you to get reinforcements from your fellow Alliance members. The owners of reinforcment Troops pay for their own upkeep. This is an important building that helps you to defend against attacks! Increasing the level of this building will allow you to get more reinforcements from your fellow Alliance members.
Embassy Details

LevelTroop CapacityLevelTroop Capacity
















The Prison does not open until Stronghold Level 15. At this point, your Hero is now able to be captured and you can capture the Heroes of your Attackers. Upgrading your Prison will decrease the amount of time you need to hold your enemies heroes before being able to execute. In addition, by holding Heroes in your prison, you are able to gain additional Attack benefits based off the Level of the Prisoner. You receive these benefits at Prison Level 30.

Highest Prisoner Level 1~19- All Troop Attack 1%
Highest Prisoner Level 20~24- All Troop Attack 2%
Highest Prisoner Level 25-29- All Troop Attack 4%
Highest Prisoner Level 30~34- All Troop Attack 7%
Highest Prisoner Level 35~39- All Troop Attack 11%
Highest Prisoner Level 40~44- All Troop Attack 16%
Highest Prisoner Level 45~49- All Troop Attack 22%
Highest Prisoner Level 50+- All Troop Attack 30%

The Altar opens at Stronghold 20. This building works hand-in-hand with your Prison, as you cannot execute the Heroes in your Prison until you have an Altar. In addition, the Altar provides some great benefits when your Altar Boost is active.
Altar Details

LevelAttack (%)Troop Defense Bonus (%)Health (%)Speed (%)































The Gymnos is all about your Hero. The purpose of this building is to give your Hero an XP Bonus and to retain XP for descendant Heroes. The higher the level of this building, the better your Hero XP modifier. If you are looking for XP for your Hero leveling, this building is super important.
Gymnos Details

LevelHero XP Modifier (%)Hero XP Retention (%)LevelHero XP Modifier (%)Hero XP Retention (%)
















Our next building is the Marketplace. This building will allow you to send resources to other Alliance Members. By leveling up your Marketplace, you can increase the amount of help you can send your fellow Alliance Member and decrease the tax that you pay when sending Help. If you like to share in the wealth, this building will be a huge help.
Cinder’s Sneaky Tip: One of the reasons I love the marketplace is that if I am looking for an Alliance Mate, and they are not online, I can simply send a march of resources to them and follow the march! This could also be used for other… ummmm… covert missions. 
The Storehouse protects a portion of your resources from enemy attacks. A higher-level Storehouse will protect more resources. So if you want to keep your resources safe when you are being attacked, be sure to upgrade this building.
The Forge
Let’s be honest, this is my favorite building. Here is where you will combine materials and craft gear. You can also combine Gems here or collectibles. Leveling up the Forge will give you benefits as well, including Normal Equipment Crafting Cost Reduction, and at Level 21 you unlock your second accessory slot for gear.
The Watchtower warns you of all incoming marches targeting your city and your city’s encampments. Leveling up this building will give you further details as you progress.
Watchtower Details

LevelWatchtower Abilities

1Warns of incoming marches on your Empire, resource tiles you occupy, or Wonders under your control.

5Tells you the purpose of the March (Attack, Trade, etc)

10Tells you the name of the player sending the March and provides coordinates to the player.

15Tells you the arrival time of a March.

20Tells you the Guild of the Player sending the March.

25Gives an estimate of the total troops in the March.

30Tells you the troop types in an incoming attack.

Barracks, Hospitals, and Villas, oh my!
Traditionally we are used to our Barracks, Hospitals, and Villas offering set stats. However, in Dragonville, this is different. Barracks are where we train our troops, but here they no longer offer Health or Defense. Barracks give bonuses for training. By increasing the number of Barracks and the level, you can increase the number of troops you can train at once and decrease the cost.
The Hospital no longer gives Health or Defense benefits, either. The level and number of hospitals you have, however, does control how many beds you have. If you want to set up so that more troops go to the hospital than die, you will want to build more hospitals and level them up.
Finally, we have Villas. The Villas are still for production of Silver, but they also offer a Troop Defense Bonus. This benefit starts at Level 10 and increases with the number of Villas you have.
Villa Details

LevelTroop Defense Bonus (%)Level Troop Defense Bonus (%)












Farms, Logging Camps, Quarry, and Mine
These are where you create the rest of your resources needed to complete functions within the Dragon Realm. By increasing the level of these buildings, you can increase the amount of resources that you produce. In addition, by increasing the level of these buildings, you can increase your holding capacity for these resources. If you have more resources than your Empire Capacity, your RSS buildings will stop producing.
Gear Workshop
The Gear Workshop has been added into the Dragon Dimension. Here you are able to upgrade your gear using Iron Scraps. However, in order to be able to utilize your Gear Workshop to its full potential it is necessary to upgrade it first.
This building requires Gear Workshop Blueprints to upgrade. We have put together details on upgrade costs for you to help when deciding on which packs to purchase. The total cost to upgrade this Building to max at 5 is 200 Blueprints.

wdt_ID Level Benefit Cost

Upgrade Common Gear to Uncommon Quality
20 Blueprints

Upgrade Uncommon Gear to Rare Quality
40 Blueprints

Upgrade Rare Gear to Epic Quality
60 Blueprints

Upgrade Epic Gear to Legendary Quality
80 Blueprints

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Athena’s Armory
Athena’s Armory is another building that has been added to our landscape. Here we can receive different bonuses from the sets of gear available in your inventory. By unlocking the different levels of this building you can receive bonuses even if you do not have the gear crafted at Legendary. However, note that upgrading the Armory adds a lot of power and is costly. In order to fully upgrade the Armory you need 500 Armory Blueprints.

wdt_ID Level Benefit Cost

Unlock Set Bonuses up to Basic
20 Blueprints

Unlock Set Bonuses up to Common
40 Blueprints

Unlock Set Bonuses up to Uncommon
60 Blueprints

Unlock Set Bonuses up to Rare
80 Blueprints

Unlock Set Bonuses up to Epic
300 Blueprints

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Mercenary Training Grounds
The Mercenary Training Grounds currently house one mythical Creature. When this feature is unlocked you are able to train Dragon Caravan creatures. These troops have been referred to as “Super Farmers” by many players. Their best use is for gathering and they are not intended for defense or attack. This building maxes at level 1.
Hero Hall
We also now have a Hero Hall. This is where you are able to manage the Heroes you have in the Dragon War Dimension. There are currently two Heroes available to players here. Hero 1 and Hero 2. We will cover more information on the Heroes in a later Article.
Banner Stand
The Banner Stand has come to grace your Dragon War Dimension City. Currently there are only four banners available in the Dragon War Dimension.
Dragon War Dimension Banners:

Dragon War Dimension Infantry Banner: Infantry Troop Defense and Infantry Troop Attack
Dragon War Dimension Ranged Banner: Ranged Troop Attack and Ranged Troop Defense
Dragon War Dimension Cavalry Banner: Cavalry Troop Attack and Cavalry Troop Defense
Dragon War Dimension Troop Banner: Troop Attack and Troop Defense

The first three banners listed are available in the Gold Store and the final banner is part of a Rewards program similar to what we have seen in Demigod in the past. Before deciding on purchasing Banners be sure to check the level available in the Gold store as at lower levels these banner stats are very small. In order for the stats to be more valuable you will need multiple banners to combine in your forge.
There are so many more features in Dragonville that Teamrealtips is working to find out more about so we can continue to bring you the best information possible. As buildings are added and we continue to learn more, we will keep this guide updated with the latest information possible.
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