The Dragonville Grind

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When we build our accounts, we put time and money into them. Most of us want to see our investment go a long way, and to be able to successfully play without emptying our pockets. Recently with the release of Dragon War Dimension, players have found a new old love.
To many, the Dragon War Dimension is reminiscent of old school Game of War and players are in love with this aspect. The pace is definitely slower, and there are many differences from the Demigod Dimension. One of the things that players currently appreciate about the Dragon War Dimension is the ability to spend minimally and be successful. Grinding in the Dragon War Dimension can take you a long way.
On a budget, or missing the old days? Read on, where we will cover multiple aspects of the Dragon War Dimension and how you can grind and be successful. We will also include some of our favorite tips and tricks that we have come across!
The Dragonville Grind
Welcome to the Dragonville Grind. Get your fingers ready and let’s get to clicking!
The events in Dragon War Dimension give excellent prizes. You should definitely be sure to watch events and periodically check linked events on the Demigod side. Below, we will list some events to look out for. Remember, the events are constantly changing, so keep your eyes open.
Dragon Side Events

Monster Event – There is typically a linked monster event going on. You can obtain prizes for this event, but note they are for the Demigod side. So if you do not need these items, don’t waste your energy on killing monsters to complete these. With some of the KvK events once again including Monster killing, you want to be sure to save excess energy for these events.
Build Event – This is another linked event, but it does offer prizes on the Dragon War Dimension side as well, such as Speed Ups, Dark Energy, Resources, Loyalty, Daily Chances, and Gathering Speed Boosts. If you are looking to level up your Stronghold on the Dragon Side, it may be worth doing it in conjunction with this event. (Remember to stop until it resets once you hit the prizes!)
Dragon Den Event – Are you looking to level up your Dragon? If so, do it in conjunction with this linked event. This will give prizes in both the Demigod and Dragon War Dimensions. On the Demigod Side you will get things such as Boost Creation Components and More. On the Dragon Side you will obtain Hero XP, VIP Points, Dark Energy, and Speed Ups.
Speed Dungeon Events– Get to hitting your Speed Dungeon Monster.These events give you the opportunity to earn March Speed Ups, Resources, Gem Savers, and Daily Chances.
KvK Events – These are not linked events, typically, but it is very important to complete them. They typically give some of the best prizes, including but not limited to ports, gold, Speed Ups, Hero Energy, and Resources. Of course, the most sought-after prizes of Gold and Advanced Teleports are the third prize, and the most difficult to obtain.
Recovery Events – Recovery Events typically come after Kill events or KvK events. These events will give a variety of good prizes to work towards obtaining, and usually are not linked.
Alliance Events – Alliance Events are great to work towards, as the prizes include things like Gear gifts, VIP gifts, and Hero gifts. These events are done as a team, so you only earn the prizes if you participate (keeping the slackers from riding on the hard work of others).

Demigod Linked Events
On the Demigod side, there will be linked events where you can earn prizes for your Dragon War Dimension account, so it is important to check in and make sure that you are getting the most out of these events to help your Dragon Growth. Here you can earn RSS, Hero Energy, and more. We hear of some people that disappear into the “underworld,” never to be heard from again, but do not forget to check the Demigod Linked events!
Grind your Hero
Your Dragonville Hero is waiting to lead you to victory. However, in order to do so, you must level that Hero up. In order to be able to wear Gear or have more skill points for stat increases, it is necessary to level up your Hero. While there are many ways to obtain Hero XP, there are some tricks and tips to help you level faster.
Where to Get Hero XP

Alliance Gifts
Some Empire Quests
Alliance, VIP, and Daily
Attacking or Defending
Completing tasks around your City such as building or researching

Tricks and Tips: Attacking will help you to get a lot of experience. Additionally, you can receive materials to help when attacking! So be on the lookout for others to attack.
The Resource Grind
Resources are the core of our grind to improve. Just about everything in Game of War requires ever-valuable Resources. We have some tricks and tips to help make sure that you are getting the most out of your resources.
Resource Tricks and Tips

Food is the trickiest resource you will run into. Gathering Food will put it straight into your stores, so if you have a hungry army, it will be gone in no time. There are boosts and skills you can use to help with your resources, but if your army is consuming more then you are producing, it will be gone. Due to this, make sure that you only open food bundles as you need them.
Tiles aren’t great for food since your army will just eat it, but they are a great way to gather other resources. Also, if your army is not consuming all your food, then gather away. Make sure you check frequently to make sure your troops have not returned home while you were away.
Only open resource items as you need them, to avoid being farmed.
Complete Quests.
If you do not mind the power and are looking for more resources, be sure to complete Economics Research.

The Gear and Gem Grind
We all love Gear, and a great thing about the Dragon War Dimension right now is that you do not necessarily have to purchase packs to get Gear. While it takes time to level up your Hero to use the better Gear, you can start working towards getting the materials you need from day one.

Kill and Hit Monsters
Collect Monster Tiles
Open Alliance Gifts
Speed Dungeon

The VIP Grind
VIP is also essential. Not only does VIP help with all of your city functions, it also provides stats and some other special features. So making sure that you are moving that VIP up to utilize it to its fullest is essential.
Find VIP here:

Alliance Gifts
Daily Logins

The Loyalty Grind
Loyalty is not new to Game of War, but the extent that it is used is new. Needless to say, earning Loyalty and saving it up is super important. You can purchase a lot of different items in the Alliance Store with Loyalty.
Where to Find Loyalty:

Alliance Quests
Hitting and Killing Monsters
Alliance Gifts

Grind, Grind, Grind
Overall, there are several things you should be doing on a daily basis to get the most out of your Dragon War Dimension Account. We will list some of those things below.
The Daily Grind

Open Alliance Gifts – These expire every 24 hours and you do not want to miss out on them. They will give materials, Gold, VIP, Hero XP, and more. In addition, the more gifts your alliance opens, the higher your gift level becomes. The higher your gift level, the better gifts you get.
Kill Monsters – Log in, hit or kill monsters with the energy you have saved, log out and let energy build back up, repeat.
Complete Alliance, VIP, and Daily Quests – These give resources, Hero XP, Gold, and Loyalty, so they are great to complete. Some have theorized that if you complete them in order, you get better quests each time. Try it out and let us know if it’s true.
Complete Empire Quests – These give different items that are useful; however, use caution! These also give a lot of power, so if you are looking to stay low power then DO NOT collect these.
Gather – When you are not out Monster Hunting, be sure to have your marches out gathering. Whether it be on Resource or Monster Tiles, you can easily send your army out in a few seconds and log back out.
Log in – Do NOT DO NOT, forget to log in every day. By logging in every day, you increase your login streak for VIP, and you can collect those Alliance gifts at the same time.

Don’t forget the Blessings
The Dragon War Dimension now has blessings for Economic and Combat Purposes. If you are planning on doing some work and could use the extra boost reach out to your fellow Alliance members and ask for a Blessing!
Current Economic Blessings Available:

Training Speed and Troop Queue Blessing
Research Speed Blessing
Construction Speed Blessing
Production Speed to Resource Capacity Blessing

Simply put, there are a lot of ways that you can work to optimize what is available to you in the Dragon War Dimension. We have put some of our favorite grinding methods and tips and tricks above. Comment below with the tips and tricks you have found!
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