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If you have been called upon to suggest a NoSQL solution to a problem

you might be feeling a little overwhelmed.  Thanks to the offerings now available from major cloud providers and the maturation of NoSQL offerings, it’s much easier to work with them.
Before you go any further, you should consider these questions:  Have I explored the options in RDBMS especially cloud offerings and techniques for workload distribution.
What about my persistence needs suggests that I need a different database solution.
Do I understand my workloads in a way that would allow me to take advantage of NoSQL where I need it and not where I don’t.
Implicitly, should I be thinking of a solution that uses different database technologies for different workloads to get the best of each.

To help you answer these questions and determine the right NoSQL database for your case

we put together a detailed three-part series whitepaper.  DOWNLOAD NOW    The post EXPLORING THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF NOSQL DATABASES appeared on 3Pillar Global.

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